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Schifino Lee - 3:25 pm August 23, 2011

Meet Schifino Lee’s Media Innovator


Today, the concept of media planning has transformed. The goal is to intersect with people’s lives, not to interrupt them. Brands need to form relationships with customers that are emotional, not transactional. That is why the term “media planning” is waning and being replaced by deeper terms such as “media strategy” or “integrated communications planning.”

Moreover, a changed competitive landscape means that media strategy is just as important for small businesses as it is for large companies. The good news is that new media channels make reaching customers at multiple touch points accessible for all companies, small and large.

Nordin Benhalima, Media Director, leads the Integrated Communications Planning team at Schifino Lee. Through strategic insight and customer-centric plans, Nordin has directed multi-million dollar campaigns throughout the country and helped make Integrated Communications Planning an integral part of Schifino Lee’s experienced and passionate process to grow client’s business.

Under his media direction, Nordin has helped WellCare Health Plans grow into a multi-billion dollar company serving over 2 million Medicaid & Medicare members in 13 states.

In addition, Nordin has directed awareness, search engine marketing and lead generation campaigns for clients such as Gerdau, AACSB, Catalina Marketing, Jaguar of Tampa and Lifestyle Family Fitness.

Is your business growing with today’s changed media landscape? Contact Nordin today and learn how it can.

Schifino Lee - 3:08 pm August 12, 2011

Is Facebook The New and Improved Yellow pages?

Imagine a “store finder” on a Website that allows you to see if your friends have checked in to a particular location. Or an online Yellow Pages that allows you to see reviews or comments your friends have posted in addition to seeing basic information such as location and phone number.

Facebook did more than imagine it… they created it. They launched a new Parent-Child Page management system for businesses and their local branches called “locations.”

Before “locations,” there was a third-party tool called Hearsay Social that was launched to address the corporate/local problem. Since then, the company has worked with Facebook to create a native Parent-Child Page management system, complete with API’s and a basic graphic user interface. The limited private beta program’s first public facing component is now live, using The Regal Entertainment Group as the first example.

 What does Locations mean for marketers?

 A business can display an interactive map, powered by Bing, on its corporate pages that allows Facebook users to find the nearest locations and also to navigate to the corporation’s local branch pages. Facebook users are able to search any address to pull up nearby locations represented by child pages and the faces of friends who’ve checked in there before. The purpose of “locations” is to hopefully drive more likes and foot traffic to their local branches and has the capability to potentially replace the “store finder” tab application that is found on most corporate websites. The child pages also features a link back to the parent page allowing for cross-page promotion.

 The new Parent-Child Page management system will allow corporations to easily manage their hierarchy of pages without having to add administrators to every page, install applications, or have to change settings simultaneously. The new app will allow for a simple way to coordinate marketing campaigns like offering coupons on the corporate page. “Locations” allows users to stay on Facebook rather than to leave the site in order to use a store finder on a client’s website. Once access to the Parent-Child system and locations is rolled out, it could increase Facebook’s utility as a Yellow Pages but with social recommendations. “Locations” has the ability to drastically change the ways in which corporations and their clients interact with one another allowing for more growth and potential.


Amanda Koenn - 3:15 pm August 10, 2011

The Johns Hopkins Hospitals’ Wilmer Eye Institute selects Schifino Lee for brand vision project

August 10, 2011 – (TAMPA, Fla.) – The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins has long been recognized for bringing together ophthalmologists consistently ranked by their peers as among the finest internationally. These doctors are joined by a specially trained and highly experienced team of nurses, technicians and staff cited by patients for their knowledge, responsiveness, and sensitivity. Working together, they have established and refined a flexible approach for delivering state-of-the-art ophthalmic care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The ability to change the way the world sees.
Wilmer graduates have had a wide influence on ophthalmology. More than 100 alumni have become department chairs at academic centers around the world. They have brought with them more than eight decades of remarkable achievements that have literally saved the sight (and lives) of millions of people, a legacy of excellence that continues to this very day.

The ability to change the way the world perceives.
Tampa Bay-based Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding, Inc. has created fresh ideas in all forms of digital and traditional media for businesses such as AT&T, Gerdau, USAmeriBank, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Tampa Museum of Art, Vology, Stellar Partners and PlasmaTherm. The Schifino Lee team also has extensive experience developing innovative marketing for healthcare companies such as Atlantic Imaging, Wellcare Health Plans, Pfizer, Novartis and Reproductive Medicine Group.

Communicating the Wilmer vision.
When the Wilmer Eye Institute decided to communicate their unique brand story to audiences in new ways, it selected Schifino Lee and its creative team led by Evan Brownstein, Chief Creative Officer. The assignment: Take the extraordinary vision and accomplishments of Wilmer and design a brand narrative that resonates with donors, potential donors, patients, potential patients, doctors, medical professionals, the media and all audiences.

“We are honored that The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins chose Schifino Lee for this project,” said Mr. Brownstein. “So many lives have been touched and transformed by Wilmer. By designing a brand narrative that is as innovative as the Wilmer experience, we hope to help Wilmer reach and serve an even bigger audience.”
Ben Lee, Principal and co-founder of Schifino Lee, noted, “More and more healthcare institutions and organizations are realizing that building a brand can be one of the most effective things they do to accomplish their missions.”
Recent examples of this right here in Tampa Bay include:

Moffitt Cancer Center bringing in Joe Hice, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Segway and Director of Corporate Communications for Harley-Davidson Motor Company as Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing;
BayCare Health System naming Stewart Schaffer, former Chief Marketing Officer of Lazydays, as its Chief Marketing Officer;
Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute engaging Schifino Lee to design and create their brand story.
“Hospitals recognize that they are in the customer service business and are adopting best practices of consumer brands. This is a trend we see growing and strengthening,” Mr. Lee concluded.

About Schifino Lee
Schifino Lee is a full service advertising and branding firm based in Tampa, Florida. The firm’s team has come together from a variety of careers and life experiences to strategize, craft and disseminate fresh ideas and messages in digital and traditional media for regional, national and global companies. These clients include AT&T, Vertical IT, Sims Recycling Solutions, Gerdau, and Wyndham Hotels. The Schifino Lee team also has extensive experience developing innovative marketing for healthcare companies such as WellCare Health Plans, Novartis, Schering Plough and Pfizer. As a full-service marketing and communications provider, Schifino Lee offers a wide range of services including advertising, public relations, interactive and marketing communications consulting. The company was founded in 1993 and currently employs a team of approximately 20 professionals.

About The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins
The Wilmer Eye Institute has long been recognized for bringing together ophthalmologists consistently ranked by their peers as among the finest internationally, with a specially trained and highly experienced team of nurses, technicians and staff cited by patients for their knowledge, responsiveness, and sensitivity. Working together, they have established and refined a flexible approach for delivering state-of-the-art ophthalmic care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and in seven locations around the state. Toward that end, The Wilmer Eye Institute constructed and opened The Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building and Maurice Bendann Surgical Pavilion in June 2009, creating the most modern ophthalmic surgical facility and vision research center in the world.

Schifino Lee - 4:03 pm August 9, 2011

Schifino Lee partners with four Tampa Bay brands growing as fast as their businesses



The Tampa Bay Business Journal recently announced its Fast 50 Awards. Schifino Lee congratulates all of the winners. And we are particularly grateful and proud to be branding partners with four of this year’s honorees:



Our initiatives with these companies all began with an important question: Is your brand growing as fast as your business?


When a company is in fast-growth mode, a lot of things change. Increased logistics. Expanded customer service. Upgraded financial systems. Just about every facet of the company evolves and transforms as you grow.


The one thing that many growing businesses are slow to transform is their branding. As other facets of their business change, their image and message to customers – and potential new customers – can become outdated if the brand doesn’t keep pace with the times.


Frequently this “old” brand image will pigeonhole a company, or make them look smaller than they have now become. Growth can move a company into entirely new areas of competition, but they may appear “stuck” in their previous market space. The opportunity costs of an outdated brand can be huge.


Rebranding can address these issues by communicating who you are today


Rebranding can create new opportunities by getting customers to view you in new ways. It can address new channels of business and position you for future growth. Rebranding can also reenergize your team and company culture, as well as attract a new brand of employee.


To accomplish a successful rebranding, it is important to partner with a branding professional who has a proven track record in this specific area of expertise. Ask to see examples of their work and consult references before hiring anyone.


Most importantly, consider the future growth opportunities that could be available to your company if potential customers were aware of how your company has grown and how far your brand has evolved.