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Schifino Lee - 8:48 pm October 21, 2011

Excellence Industries, a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration, launches new branding at national trade show.

Launching a powerful new brand at one of its industry’s largest trade shows, Excellence Industries is touting the “power of partnership,” emphasizing the commercial refrigeration company’s ability to help its customers with everything needed to sell frozen and refrigerated products at retail locations.

Excellence Industries, based in Tampa, Fla., is the premier commercial refrigeration partner for brands such as Nestle, Pepsi, Good Humor, Ben & Jerry’s, Whole Foods, and Marriott. A key to its success is its skill in helping companies in the dairy, ice cream and food industries with all their refrigeration needs, from equipment manufacturing, branded graphics and logistics to leasing, servicing and recycling nationwide.

To emphasize this wide-ranging, customer-focused approach, the company hired Schifino Lee, a Tampa-based branding and marketing agency that has deep experience in business-to-business manufacturing and recycling – a powerful combination for the Excellence Industries message.

The company’s new branding was showcased October 2nd at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. Excellence Industries debuted a new logo, new tradeshow display and new collateral materials at the show, which will soon be followed by an enhanced web presence.

“We are very excited about how our new branding tells the story of how we help our partners,” said Howard Noskowicz, CEO of Excellence Industries. “With such a wide range of services, it’s important for us to emphasize one overall premise – we help our partners grow and manage their businesses.”

For Schifino Lee, the work builds on its success in creating new and refreshed brands for such companies as Vertical IT Solutions, Gerdau, USAmeriBank, Celestar and AM 820 News. Also, it ties into the agency’s skill in marketing for the recycling industry, with such companies as Kimmins Contracting, Sims Recycling, Association of Battery Recycling and EnviroFocus Technologies.

“As companies become more aware of the need to think about their products from cradle-to-grave, it’s important for service providers to consider recycling as part of their messaging,” said Ben Lee, Principal of Schifino Lee. “That goes hand in hand with forming a trusted, long-term partnership with customers. Both of these ideas are strong in our work for Excellence Industries.”



Schifino Lee - 6:57 pm October 14, 2011

ARMA Global, one of nation’s fastest growing defense companies, engages Schifino Lee for enhanced branding initiative.

ARMA Global is a rapidly growing company that supports the US Special Operations Command and other elements of the Department of Defense in successful implementation of foreign policy, material delivery and security objectives.

As they planned the company’s strategy, ARMA’s leadership recognized that their branding and marketing needed to attain the same standards of excellence that their operations and execution had.

To reach these objectives, ARMA selected Schifino Lee.

“Schifino Lee has a proven success record of creating brand communications that drive growth,” stated ARMA CEO, Todd J. Schweitzer. “Schifino Lee was the perfect fit for ARMA. We were impressed with their past performance of working with other companies in developing the right message to their customers.”

The new branding and marketing initiatives include a refreshed logo, new collateral materials and new website copy and imagery that represent genuine innovation for their industry. ARMA needed materials that communicated both the superior professionalism of the company as well as the “we have walked in your boots” experience of their personnel.

“ARMA serves those who serve our country,” said Ben Lee, Principal of Schifino Lee. “We are grateful for and honored by the opportunity to serve them.”

Schifino Lee - 8:10 pm October 7, 2011

AM 820 News launches with new format and brand, offering Tampa Bay: “All News. All Day.”

News radio on the AM side of the dial has been long dominated by loud and angry talk.  Knowing Tampa Bay residents spend a substantial amount of time in their cars, the station owners of WBBA 820AM saw an opportunity to give radio listeners something needed, desired and different: all news, all day in a straightforward and nonpartisan delivery. 

The result: AM 820 News.  Currently in the midst of launch, several programming and outreach components are in place, while others are continuing to roll out over the coming weeks. Audience response has been extremely positive. Per Arbitron, between June-August the station’s market share of listeners 18+ increased 67% and its cumulative listenership is up 31%.

AM 820 News offers a constant stream of local stories, traffic, and weather, along with news-you-can-use and national headlines. A joint content agreement with WTSP-TV (CBS-10) will include local forecasts, local updates, and simulcasts of 10 News broadcasts. AM 820 News has a 50,000-watt transmitter that covers most of central Florida, keeping traveling locals in the loop on hometown news.

In support of the station’s launch campaign, Tampa-based branding and marketing agency was called upon to Schifino Lee create the new branding, logos, print ads, digital billboards, and social media.  Outdoor billboards began appearing last week all around the Tampa Bay area, and print ads are schedule to run in the 4th Quarter. Meanwhile, social media including Facebook and Twitter is already starting to ramp up.

Beyond consumers, a key target audience for the AM 820 News marketing campaign in this early stage is advertisers. Schifino Lee was selected partly because of its knowledge of what media advertisers want, gained from its long experience in national and local media buying. As part of its partnership with AM 820 News, Schifino Lee will also create and run its own ads on the station which is, ironically, a unique and unconventional practice for advertising agencies. Agency Principal Ben Lee said, “We are convinced the editorial environment of all-news is a smart place to advertise.”

AM 820 News is owned by Genesis Communications, which also owns five other stations in central Florida including 1040AM Tampa Bay, an ESPN station. “Our challenge for AM 820 News is to change people’s perception of AM radio and let them know that there’s a new and different option for those who desire news without all the partisan talk,” said Bruce Maduri, president of Genesis Communications.  “When you gotta know now, we hope people tune into AM 820 News.”

Schifino Lee - 2:59 am October 5, 2011

Social Media vs. So What Media

Fantastic Adweek piece ( points out that most marketers treat social media as if it were cheap broadcast media.

Audiences are tired of that. Businesses need to create relevant content and participate in genuine conversations – not mindlessly use social media with a short-term transactional mentality.

True social media is about building an emotional connection, not selling a transactional promotion. The best news comes at the end of the piece. When brands do the right things with social media, it is a powerful way to build equity and create measurable value.

We would love to learn from your experiences… Who is creating social media that is authentically social, and who is churning out social media that is merely “so what media?”