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Schifino Lee - 4:32 pm January 19, 2012

Schifino Lee renames and rebrands AMS as Spectrio to better reflect company’s broad new spectrum of service

Transforming on-hold to on-brand.

When two of the nation’s leaders in the on-hold and in-store marketing industry joined forces, the combined company needed a new brand name to fit its wider array of service offerings. Audio Messaging Systems (AMS) and IOHI together became Spectrio.

Schifino Lee worked with national leaders of Oldsmar-based AMS and Oklahoma-based IOHI to define the essence of the new company’s value proposition, and then create an engaging, original new name and brand. The name “Spectrio” reflects the broad spectrum of products and services offered by the company, while the branding matches its technology-focus and forward-thinking creativity. The new tagline: “Be heard. Be seen. Be inspired.”

Schifino Lee also acquired the web domain for the company, which was available due to the originality of the new name.

The new company combines the audio marketing skills of AMS with the interactive expertise of IOHI, to deliver solutions for on-hold messaging, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) prompts, ambient music and in-store digital signage. Spectrio’s clients include such national companies as LabCorp, Regions Bank, Terminix, Gerdau, Pep Boys, Raymond James Financial, Goodyear and Papa John’s Pizza.

This was the eleventh company Schifino Lee has rebranded in the past 12 months. “Creating new brands that help define a company’s value proposition and break through the marketplace clutter is a challenge we truly enjoy and excel at,” said Schifino Lee Principal Ben Lee. “Seeing the direct, bottom-line impact is also rewarding.”

For Spectrio, the new name has already proven popular with employees and customers. “Spectrio has received a great reaction from the new name, and it has helped them quickly frame their positioning and message to customers,” said Lee.

Schifino Lee - 6:37 pm January 18, 2012

Getting the band back together

I am very excited to return to Schifino Lee team after an 8-month hiatus at another branding agency. Not only am I bringing back a stronger base of account planning and branding experience, but I am rejoining an even stronger team at Schifino Lee.

It’s not often a person gets the chance to examine their organization from an outside perspective.  Leaving (and returning) has given me that rare opportunity.  During my absence, I was able to understand and better appreciate the uniqueness and strengths of Schifino Lee and how the agency approaches its craft.  One of the things we do so well is immerse ourselves into our clients’ business from a customer’s perspective; and transform the key insights we glean into a strategic plan of action and creativity that truly brings the brand to life.

I’m baaaack… with renewed enthusiasm and passion for doing great strategic branding and advertising with people I love!


About Roxie Clements:

Roxie Clements is Vice President, Director of Client Services, overseeing the agency’s Account Management team and managing several of the agency’s major clients.  A strong strategist, Roxie combines her skills with focused, positive drive to produce the greatest ROI for all clients.

A Florida advertising veteran, Roxie previously supervised the Florida Lottery account and other notable clients including Florida Tourism, Winn Dixie, Wet ‘n Wild, Levitz Furniture and Barnett Banks.

Roxie is one of many children in her family.  “I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  My mom had 6 kids in 7 years, and we weren’t even Catholic.”  Some of her favorite ads are the AT&T campaign “where the calls drop off at the most inopportune moment in the conversation. They’re funny, memorable, uncomfortably true and very engaging.”