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Schifino Lee - 10:20 am August 25, 2017

Meet Summer’s Fiery Female Team of Interns

Summer Intern group image

Schifino Lee has had a talented set of interns this summer. We’re grateful for their contributions to the agency and for their fresh perspectives on so many projects. It’s been a blast getting to know them, and we wish them the best in their very bright futures.

Alicia Chen | Design Intern

Alicia has spent the summer in Tampa, but she spends most of the year at Washington University in St. Louis. She’s studying Communication Design and minoring in Psychology and Computer Science. Great combo. When she’s not busy illustrating or designing, she likes to twiddle her time away crocheting. Sounds very calming. She daydreams about heading to a big city one day to work as a designer for an agency, or possibly a professional illustrator.

Noelle Griffin | Writing Intern

Noelle, a Tampa native, has been the woman with the words all summer at Schifino Lee. She’s graduating from the University of South Florida this fall with a B.A. in Mass Communications, with a focus in advertising, but plans to continue her education at grad school. She dreams with her heart first, as she hopes to someday make a difference at an agency that specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly brands. When not writing or chugging down coffee, she might catch her zenned-out in down dog. She’s a certified yoga instructor on the weekends. Namaste.

Aimee Iglesia | Photography Intern  (not pictured)

Aimee is a go-getter who started her own photography business about five years ago. We brought her on board to capture all those picture-perfect moments in the office and on location with clients. She graduated in the Spring from the Art Institute of Tampa photography program with a Bachelors in Fine Art. Her short term plan is to focus on her photography business. Not only is she talented behind the lens, but in front of the camera too. She sang at Madison Square Garden at the age of 16. With Marc Anthony. No big deal.

Carter Johan | Account Service Intern

            Carter is a junior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, but Tampa is her home. She has extensive experience in human resources at other marketing firms. Amongst her many skills, SCUBA diving and being able to keep calm and carry on while swimming with sharks. So obviously, office sharks should be no biggie for Carter. This fall, she’ll be finishing up her degree in Human and Organizational Development while getting a minor in Corporate Strategy.

Cassie Rankin | Design Intern

Cassie is the Creative Cloud Queen. In fact, thanks to her vast skillset, she works at the USF Digital Media Commons teaching students the in’s and out’s of all Adobe programs. This Fall, she’s going into her last year of study at USF in the Mass Communications Advertising program. While waiting for software updates to install, you might find her rocking out on the ukulele or obsessing over Disney. Cassie takes a of love of Disney to a whole new level, as she’s the Vice President and Marketing Chair of the Disney Club at USF. Brownie points for that resume experience.

Erika Suarez | Account Service Intern

Erika has been soaking up rays in the Bay this summer, but she’s going to be heading north this Fall to finish up at Florida State University and receive a degree in Editing, Writing, and Media, with a minor in Communications. She’s leaving here with some amazing experience under her belt, that she hopes will one day land her at a top agency with fun clients. If she doesn’t make it big in advertising, keep an eye out for her name in lights on Broadway. Erika loves to sing. A solid plan B.

Catherine Weaver | Account Service Intern (not pictured)

Catherine is a fashionista and killer account service intern. She worked at boutiques and shops like Anthropologie before joining the Schifino Lee gang. She aspires to one day combine her love of graphic design, social media, blogging, and website design with her passion for the fashion industry. Advertising, however, is her second career choice. She actually wanted to be a Rockette up in NYC. Just eight inches too short.




Amanda Koenn - 4:06 pm August 11, 2017

Social Media: Brands rooted in friendship


Working in social media exposes me to a lot of information… constantly. From viral videos and celebrity news, to politics, memes, and #InsertNationalSomethingDayHere, I see it all.  And that’s not including the posts about my neighbor getting engaged, cousin Susan’s twins on the first day of preschool, and a funny video of that guy from college who was in my sorority sister’s finance class.

There’s no doubt we live in the age of information sharing, most of which we owe completely to social media. New ideas and opinions can be found every time you log in. Social Media is an amazingly powerful tool – so why is it so beloved, yet so hated? So exciting, yet so overwhelming?

To understand social media in the advertising world, we have to stop looking at is as solely a form of media. Before business pages, sponsored posts, and ads that interrupt viral videos like commercials interrupt a TV show, Social Media was built for the everyday person as a virtual form of friendship.

Though terms like “friending” and “unfriending” have been replaced with “like” or “unfollow”, the core concept of social media still exists. Everyone is on social media to stay connected – to the news, to celebrities, to trends and, ultimately, to the people we care about.

Our instinctual addiction to human connection is what made social media the sharing superstorm that it is. So really, brands/companies shouldn’t strive to represent themselves on social media, but instead should represent a human personality that their target audience would want to be friends with. Sometimes this social media personality looks a lot like their current brand, and sometimes it looks completely different.

Schifino Lee - 12:05 pm August 3, 2017

Creating a stylish new way to shop for authentic Italian products


Schifino Lee’s latest creative initiative for long-time client Alessi Foods was to dramatically spice up their website with new design and functionality. Thanks to the strategic success of Alessi’s social engagement over the past year, both among millennials and our core target audience, the need for an update to their existing website had become a priority. Our social media efforts have delivered a huge increase in visits to the Alessi website and doubled their online sales, so it made sense that a new and improved web experience would drive time spent on the site, and online sales, even further.

Our web solution features a visual look and brand voice that syncs up nicely with our social media presence and other digital media tactics. We also cooked up a much improved consumer e-commerce experience with new features like a quick cart, more convenient product and recipe suggestions, and a series of helpful how-to videos. And just as importantly, the new site is more mobile-friendly to appeal to the younger audiences which make up a growing part of Alessi’s target market.

So now everyone can easily shop on the go and still experience the authentic Italian qualities Alessi is known for.

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