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Schifino Lee - 3:30 pm June 25, 2018

Schifino Lee Announces Sponsorship of AMA Tampa Bay

AMA Tampa Bay


TAMPA, Fla. (June 25, 2018) – Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding is proud to announce its sponsorship of the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Tampa Bay chapter. As an Annual Champion Sponsor and Marketer of the Year Sponsor, Schifino Lee will assist AMA on a variety of marketing projects including their annual Marketer of the Year event. From creative design to copywriting, Schifino Lee will continue to work vigorously in creating the industry’s leading marketing materials.

The sponsorship allows both organizations to cultivate a beneficial relationship for the marketing community. Schifino Lee will help AMA of Tampa Bay create marketing materials to increase brand awareness, drive membership and elevate participation from the local marketing community.

The AMA of Tampa Bay is a best-in-class national organization for marketers seeking professional growth. Their mission is to foster an interactive community for marketing professionals in the Tampa Bay area who are dedicated to the future of marketing. They provide innovative resources and tools, organize conferences and training sessions, host monthly keynote luncheons and workshops, and provide career resources, certification programs and job search assistance to their members.

Schifino Lee is a full-service advertising and branding agency in Tampa. Established in 1993, the organization is currently celebrating 25 years in business creating multi-faceted campaigns for companies like Vigo/Alessi, Tampa Museum of Art, WellCare, The Bank of Tampa, Salem’s Fresh Eats and many more.


Schifino Lee - 11:05 am June 18, 2018

Meet Our Savvy New Social Media Marketing Duo

Social Media Marketing Team

The team at Schifino Lee is ecstatic to announce the recent addition of two new social-ites to its all-star roster. With fresh, creative minds, Bri Wagner and Taylor Yianakopolos are taking our social media marketing department to the next level.

Bri Wagner, Social Media and Public Relations Manager

A world traveler, amateur chef, music enthusiast and proud cat mom, Bri touched down at Schifino Lee to spearhead our Social Media and Public Relations department just a few months ago. After earning a B.S. in public relations from the University of Florida, she began her career at a boutique PR agency in Miami that specialized in travel industry clients like Carnival Corporation, The Florida Keys and many more. After consuming enough café con leche and pastelitos to last a lifetime, she took her talents to Tampa where she gained experience marketing in the healthcare industry.

Bri has a constant thirst for adventure and perspective, which provides the imagination she thrives on to create innovative and fresh social campaigns. After a few productive months at the agency, she’s already built game-changing social media marketing strategies for Alessi, WRB Energy, CoLabs, Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery and many more.

“The key to using social media as a marketing tool is finding the right balance between results-driven strategy and creative wit. Every click should be tracked and every engagement analyzed. Each post should have a purpose to not only reach business goals, but also nourish the relationship between your organization and your audience,” said Bri. “Achieving this has never been easier with the team of talented individuals here at SL.”

Bri has overhauled our social media menu with options to fit every organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s a strategy and process for your in-house marketing team, planning and managing a social influencer campaign, eye-catching graphic design templates to build up your brand, a short-term campaign to promote a limited-time offer, or ongoing management to reach new heights – rest assured, she’s got you covered.

Questions, comments, or just want to say hello? Drop her a line at

Taylor Yianakopolos, Account/Social Media Coordinator

After graduating from a New Hampshire high school with a class of 80 students, Taylor set her sights on the big city of Tampa. She arrived at the University of Tampa with an interest in photography and design—but wasn’t quite sure how to apply her talents. After realizing “something creative” wasn’t a major, she immersed herself in advertising and public relations.

Taylor’s summers consisted of internships in the advertising world, traveling from New Hampshire to Maryland and back to Tampa, providing her with enough experience to hit the ground running at Schifino Lee.

Since joining the Schifino Lee team in May, Taylor has worked on multiple social clients in the Tampa Bay area including Alessi, Tampa Museum of Art, Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office and WRB Energy. When she’s not working on social media accounts, you can find her capturing agency culture for our social channels and drooling over the work of our fellow creatives.

Want to welcome Taylor or request puppy pictures of her new fur baby, Boomer? Just email