Most companies say the same thing. Over and over. We call it boxing. Like going toe-to-toe with the walls that your industry puts up.

The creative wits and strategic know-hows of Schifino Lee work passionately to create brand solutions — knocking those walls into outer orbit.
We outsmart your competition by thinking differently about your company and finding new ways to connect with your audience.
Whether you know it, or it’s about to hit you in the ear — you are deeply different than every one of your competitors. 
We know it. We see it. And we can define it for you. Then, we’ll define you as the undisputed champion in a brand new category where your difference is exactly what people are looking for. 
We’ll hold their attention span as well. Maybe it’s a television spot, maybe it’s a painted elephant, or maybe a litter of free puppies with complimentary wifi hot spots.
By whatever means necessary, we’ll help you stay relevant and in the direct sight of your audience. Just like these brands.

Some of the clients we partner with:

Westshore Pizza
Tampa Museum of Art
NorthStar Bank
Tampa Maid Foods
World of Beer
BlueGrace Logistics