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Jeannette Adelman - 11:45 am April 24, 2014

Insuring an improved user experience for M.E. Wilson

M.E. Wilson, “one of the top risk management and insurance agencies in the nation” according to The Independent Agents of America, needed a trusted partner to update the company’s website. So when choosing the right firm to do the redesign, it was no surprise that the insurance agency founded 94 years ago selected the advertising agency that has stewarded the M.E. Wilson brand for the past 12 years: Schifino Lee.

As the virtual face of the company, M.E. Wilson’s website speaks to customers and facilitates a deeper working relationship between the company and its clients. M.E. Wilson tasked Schifino Lee to not only redesign the site, but also improve the overall user experience for both desktop and mobile visitors. The new site’s homepage now welcomes visitors with a clean, uncluttered design and features content showcasing the agency’s services and expertise. The redesign also includes new elements such as client videos and testimonials.

Navigating the insurance marketplace can be a tough task, and Schifino Lee understands how important it is to simplify content and navigation by highlighting only what’s necessary. We are proud of our long-standing relationship with M.E. Wilson and highly recommend them as their insurance customers ourselves.

Jeannette Adelman - 11:56 am February 7, 2014

beautiful solution for a serious problem

The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay offers complete vein care for all types of patients and all types of veins. However, there was disconnect in the vascular industry and people believed that vein issues were simply cosmetic when in actuality they can be life threatening. The reality of the situation is that a vein screening could save your life.

Schifino Lee successfully assisted the Vein and Vascular Institute in publicizing their most valued message to the public – that varicose veins are not just a cosmetic concern, but a serious medical issue. The campaign, “Long Live Legs,” helped The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay change this misconception.

Through digital and Facebook advertising, billboards, and television spots in English and Spanish, Schifino Lee helped escalate referral business and clientele. By advertising one free screening that could save your life, The Vein and Vascular Institute has been overwhelmed with calls from potential clients, especially those of Hispanic descent due to the effective Spanish TV spot. Overall, their business has increased with their local reach greatly expanding and is now positioned as a leader in the varicose vein industry.

Jeannette Adelman - 11:58 am June 11, 2013

Consumer demand for new homes leads to refreshed branding for home builder

Homes by WestBay, an award winning home builder based in Tampa, FL, wanted to refresh their brand to capitalize on the recent uptick in demand, as well as build awareness with new homebuyers and realtors. Homes by WestBay engaged Schifino Lee to revamp their look and create an advertising campaign to not only gain a larger audience but to enforce that with Homes by WestBay your Someday home can become a reality today.

Schifino Lee prepared a campaign consisting of a refreshed logo, email advertising and billboards. The campaign was used to highlight your Someday home at an affordable price while showcasing its beauty through high quality imagery.

While the logo embodies a relaxed feel, the company is fast paced in the world of homebuilding. Homes by WestBay’s Capri model was recently awarded the 2013 Grand Diamond Award by Tampa Bay Builders Association.

Jeannette Adelman - 5:11 pm May 14, 2013

The Importance of Reaching the Hispanic Market

The United States is rapidly growing in diversity, and the Hispanic population is the forerunner of this change. In fact, Hispanics are now the largest minority group in the United States.

The Hispanic population increased from 35.3 million in 2000 to approximately 52 million people in 2012. That is 16% of the entire U.S. population and according to the U.S. Census this number will only keep growing as Hispanics are expected to make up 30% of the entire U.S. population by 2050. For this reason, it is vital for businesses to market to Hispanics.

Not only is the Hispanic population growing in size, it’s increasing its purchasing power. It is estimated that by 2015, their buying power will equal $1.5 trillion. If you aren’t reaching the Hispanic market, your company is missing the opportunity to gain loyalty from an increasingly powerful sector of the economy.

Notice how the word “loyalty” was mentioned. We say this because Hispanics are just as brand loyal as the general market, regardless of the current economic state. Brands must win their loyalty, but once you have it, they’re yours forever.

At Schifino Lee we are helping companies like Lowry Park Zoo further diversify their brand by reaching out to the Hispanic market, helping to move them forward and achieve customer loyalty for a lifetime.

Jeannette Adelman - 2:06 pm October 9, 2012

The Alessi Campaign Is Live!

Schifino Lee is very proud and excited to announce the launch of the Alessi campaign! This is an exciting opportunity to help raise the visibility of the Alessi brand.

While Vigo Importing Company has been producing top-quality Italian food products since 1947 and is the country’s No. 1 seller in the balsamic vinegar and breadstick categories, brand awareness is relatively low. The company sees enormous opportunity to grow Alessi’s brand equity and increase market share in several food categories.

Schifino Lee created compelling communications to reach the desired consumer, based on customer research. Alessi and Schifino Lee devoted much time and effort to express the brand assets.

The campaign includes cable TV spots, in-store displays, radio spots, digital advertising, social media and a unique microsite.

Jeannette Adelman - 4:38 pm September 20, 2012

Schifino Lee elevates Sterling Research Group as an innovative creator of insights

Sterling Research Group is one of the industry’s leading full-service market research companies. Sterling’s passion, innovation and customization helps their clients create the most satisfied customers possible.

Schifino Lee was engaged to position Sterling as an innovator of insights for developing a universe of more satisfied customers.

The brand promise Schifino Lee developed for Sterling, “Pursuing Insight. Perfecting Experience”, emphasizes their promise to provide actionable insights unique to each client, so the solutions provided are authentic competitive advantages.

To support the new brand strategy, Schifino Lee created a new logo, tagline, website and electronic brochures that highlight Sterling’s commitment to renewing and revolutionizing client-customer relationships through leading-edge research technology.

Sterling Research Group is crazy passionate about pursuing the insights that can help clients transform customer experiences. If they’re not crazy passionate, their customers won’t be either.

Jeannette Adelman - 3:16 pm August 22, 2012

Schifino Lee develops new name and brand identity for Mental Health Care, Inc.

When Schifino Lee gets involved, big things happen. For example, Mental Health Care, Inc. (MHC) recently partnered with Schifino Lee to undergo a name change. With our naming recommendation, MHC joined with three other accredited behavioral health, drug and alcohol centers creating the largest mental health care merger in Florida. Schifino Lee’s naming and branding for MHC resonated with the other companies as a positive reflection on the future of the industry. In October the companies will merge as “Gracepoint.”

The name Gracepoint gracefully reflects the ideals of healthy living, and eliminates the negative connotations about mental health care. These centers are more than mental health care centers, and Gracepoint is more than a name. It is a place for wellness, and it’s the answer for many people who want to achieve their best lives.

One out of four people suffer from a mental illness, and 2 out of 3 of those diagnosed are not getting treatment. Florida has closed 36 psychiatric hospitals within the past 20 years, so these centers step in and replenish the services needed by so many people. This merger will allow Gracepoint to help 30,000 adults and 14,000 children each year. They will offer more specialized treatments with 38 psychiatrists working out of 69 locations with 87 treatment programs. Gracepoint’s CEO Joe Rutherford, has announced that his goal for the merger will allow them to make sure every patient in the region has access to the appropriate specialist.