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Amanda Koenn - 9:14 pm October 4, 2012

Unearth Some Fun at ZooBoo

ZooBoo at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, the largest family Halloween event in Tampa Bay, kicked off last week with their Shriek Peek Weekend on September 28-29. The turnout for the event was awesome with the Zoo exceeding their goals by 3,000 attendees!

“Shriek Peek was an awesome weekend for Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, even with a little rain Friday night.” said Jason Davis, Marketing Manager at the Zoo. “The yard signs you designed were handed out at the very end as people were leaving and everyone thought they were really cool.”

In addition to yard signage, Schifino Lee creative executions included print advertising, web, posters, direct mail, radio and TV to name a few.

ZooBoo is select nights in October.

Amanda Koenn - 9:13 pm September 28, 2012

Schifino Lee creates chilling TV spot for ZooBoo at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Schifino Lee worked with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo to develop this years ZooBoo theme and creative. The creative executions included print advertising, web, posters, direct mail, radio and TV to name a few. Check out this year’s chilling spot then go creep around ZooBoo at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo — the largest family Halloween event in Tampa Bay.

September 28-29 Shriek Peek Preview Weekend • Opens 7 p.m.
October 5-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28 • Opens 7 p.m.

Schifino Lee - 6:44 pm March 29, 2012

Schifino Lee hires Director of Digital Innovation

If the right-brain is creative thinking and the left-brain is logical thinking, then Josh St. Aubin is Schifino Lee’s cerebral cortex.

On one hand, he is a talented designer with strong visual arts skills. On the other, he’s a brilliant programmer fluent in multiple languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flash, XML, Flex, PHP, ASP… the guy is scary-good.

“The digital landscape is in a state of constant change. Your customers want more than a website for your company. Today’s consumers spend more and more time online while engaging with multiple touch points that include social media, display, email, applications and mobile. When you utilize these new channels to their fullest potential, you capitalize on huge opportunities to connect with you customers.”

For 12 years, Josh has created innovative communications and experiences that helped build brands such as Dollar Rent A Car, Thrifty Car Rental, Transitions, Melitta, Badcock Home Furnishings and the New York Rangers.

Josh’s B.F.A. is from the International Academy of Design and Technology. He is a believer in “touch-nology,” and feels that the primary benefit of any innovation centers on its ability to connect people with experiences they love and enjoy.

Schifino Lee - 6:37 pm January 18, 2012

Getting the band back together

I am very excited to return to Schifino Lee team after an 8-month hiatus at another branding agency. Not only am I bringing back a stronger base of account planning and branding experience, but I am rejoining an even stronger team at Schifino Lee.

It’s not often a person gets the chance to examine their organization from an outside perspective.  Leaving (and returning) has given me that rare opportunity.  During my absence, I was able to understand and better appreciate the uniqueness and strengths of Schifino Lee and how the agency approaches its craft.  One of the things we do so well is immerse ourselves into our clients’ business from a customer’s perspective; and transform the key insights we glean into a strategic plan of action and creativity that truly brings the brand to life.

I’m baaaack… with renewed enthusiasm and passion for doing great strategic branding and advertising with people I love!


About Roxie Clements:

Roxie Clements is Vice President, Director of Client Services, overseeing the agency’s Account Management team and managing several of the agency’s major clients.  A strong strategist, Roxie combines her skills with focused, positive drive to produce the greatest ROI for all clients.

A Florida advertising veteran, Roxie previously supervised the Florida Lottery account and other notable clients including Florida Tourism, Winn Dixie, Wet ‘n Wild, Levitz Furniture and Barnett Banks.

Roxie is one of many children in her family.  “I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  My mom had 6 kids in 7 years, and we weren’t even Catholic.”  Some of her favorite ads are the AT&T campaign “where the calls drop off at the most inopportune moment in the conversation. They’re funny, memorable, uncomfortably true and very engaging.”

Amanda Koenn - 4:13 pm December 19, 2011

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo selects Schifino Lee as agency of record

On the heels of the New Horizon’s branding work, Schifino Lee has also been retained by Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo as its agency of record for creative and media services over the next 2 years to help promote zoo ticket sales, events and fundraisers.

“Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is a pillar to the identity of the Tampa Bay community, and many don’t know about their very important work to preserve our nature and wildlife,” said Paola Schifino, Principal of Schifino Lee. “Schifino Lee is thrilled to be able to contribute to this effort.”

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is a 501(C)(3) not for profit organization and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The AZA is America’s leading accrediting organization for zoos and aquariums and accredits only those institutions that have achieved the highest standards for animal care, education, wildlife conservation and science.

Read the full artical on the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Amanda Koenn - 7:00 pm November 14, 2011

Schifino Lee Launches Mobile Website for Law Firm


When Tampa Bay law firm Clark & Martino, P.A. wanted to make a bold and innovative communications move, they connected with their brand marketing partner, Schifino Lee, to develop and launch a mobile version of the law firm’s website designed for smart phones.

“We wanted to go the extra mile in making sure our information is readily available in the most convenient way possible,” said Dan Clark, partner at Clark & Martino. “Creating a mobile website was a natural way to make ourselves more available to the public and legal community.”

While creating a mobile website is fairly uncommon for law firms, Clark & Martino realized the benefits of maximizing accessibility for a highly mobile audience. Having a mobile website results in exponential customer satisfaction gains as more people than ever use their mobile phones to access the web.

“A mobile site can either complement a consumer’s overall brand experience or undermine it. The good news is that companies are really starting to take this seriously as they understand the critical role that customer satisfaction plays in the mobile experience,” said Eric Feinberg, Director of Mobile Strategy at ForeSee, a company that analyzes people’s experiences with mobile sites.

Clark & Martino’s mobile site takes key features from the firm’s traditional website and puts them on a mobile friendly platform that optimizes functionality and usability on the smaller screens. The Clark & Martino mobile website makes it easier for people on-the-go to access the law firm, get directions, interact with staff and learn more about Clark & Martino and its services.

“With people wanting immediate information wherever they are, it makes sense for service providers to consider creating a mobile website,” said Ben Lee, Principal of Schifino Lee. “Making your website more accessible can increase customer satisfaction, greatly enhance the brand experience, set yourself apart from competitors, and grow business in very tangible ways.”

Schifino Lee - 2:59 am October 5, 2011

Social Media vs. So What Media

Fantastic Adweek piece ( points out that most marketers treat social media as if it were cheap broadcast media.

Audiences are tired of that. Businesses need to create relevant content and participate in genuine conversations – not mindlessly use social media with a short-term transactional mentality.

True social media is about building an emotional connection, not selling a transactional promotion. The best news comes at the end of the piece. When brands do the right things with social media, it is a powerful way to build equity and create measurable value.

We would love to learn from your experiences… Who is creating social media that is authentically social, and who is churning out social media that is merely “so what media?”

Amanda Koenn - 3:15 pm August 10, 2011

The Johns Hopkins Hospitals’ Wilmer Eye Institute selects Schifino Lee for brand vision project

August 10, 2011 – (TAMPA, Fla.) – The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins has long been recognized for bringing together ophthalmologists consistently ranked by their peers as among the finest internationally. These doctors are joined by a specially trained and highly experienced team of nurses, technicians and staff cited by patients for their knowledge, responsiveness, and sensitivity. Working together, they have established and refined a flexible approach for delivering state-of-the-art ophthalmic care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The ability to change the way the world sees.
Wilmer graduates have had a wide influence on ophthalmology. More than 100 alumni have become department chairs at academic centers around the world. They have brought with them more than eight decades of remarkable achievements that have literally saved the sight (and lives) of millions of people, a legacy of excellence that continues to this very day.

The ability to change the way the world perceives.
Tampa Bay-based Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding, Inc. has created fresh ideas in all forms of digital and traditional media for businesses such as AT&T, Gerdau, USAmeriBank, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Tampa Museum of Art, Vology, Stellar Partners and PlasmaTherm. The Schifino Lee team also has extensive experience developing innovative marketing for healthcare companies such as Atlantic Imaging, Wellcare Health Plans, Pfizer, Novartis and Reproductive Medicine Group.

Communicating the Wilmer vision.
When the Wilmer Eye Institute decided to communicate their unique brand story to audiences in new ways, it selected Schifino Lee and its creative team led by Evan Brownstein, Chief Creative Officer. The assignment: Take the extraordinary vision and accomplishments of Wilmer and design a brand narrative that resonates with donors, potential donors, patients, potential patients, doctors, medical professionals, the media and all audiences.

“We are honored that The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins chose Schifino Lee for this project,” said Mr. Brownstein. “So many lives have been touched and transformed by Wilmer. By designing a brand narrative that is as innovative as the Wilmer experience, we hope to help Wilmer reach and serve an even bigger audience.”
Ben Lee, Principal and co-founder of Schifino Lee, noted, “More and more healthcare institutions and organizations are realizing that building a brand can be one of the most effective things they do to accomplish their missions.”
Recent examples of this right here in Tampa Bay include:

Moffitt Cancer Center bringing in Joe Hice, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Segway and Director of Corporate Communications for Harley-Davidson Motor Company as Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing;
BayCare Health System naming Stewart Schaffer, former Chief Marketing Officer of Lazydays, as its Chief Marketing Officer;
Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute engaging Schifino Lee to design and create their brand story.
“Hospitals recognize that they are in the customer service business and are adopting best practices of consumer brands. This is a trend we see growing and strengthening,” Mr. Lee concluded.

About Schifino Lee
Schifino Lee is a full service advertising and branding firm based in Tampa, Florida. The firm’s team has come together from a variety of careers and life experiences to strategize, craft and disseminate fresh ideas and messages in digital and traditional media for regional, national and global companies. These clients include AT&T, Vertical IT, Sims Recycling Solutions, Gerdau, and Wyndham Hotels. The Schifino Lee team also has extensive experience developing innovative marketing for healthcare companies such as WellCare Health Plans, Novartis, Schering Plough and Pfizer. As a full-service marketing and communications provider, Schifino Lee offers a wide range of services including advertising, public relations, interactive and marketing communications consulting. The company was founded in 1993 and currently employs a team of approximately 20 professionals.

About The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins
The Wilmer Eye Institute has long been recognized for bringing together ophthalmologists consistently ranked by their peers as among the finest internationally, with a specially trained and highly experienced team of nurses, technicians and staff cited by patients for their knowledge, responsiveness, and sensitivity. Working together, they have established and refined a flexible approach for delivering state-of-the-art ophthalmic care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and in seven locations around the state. Toward that end, The Wilmer Eye Institute constructed and opened The Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building and Maurice Bendann Surgical Pavilion in June 2009, creating the most modern ophthalmic surgical facility and vision research center in the world.

Schifino Lee - 1:43 pm June 7, 2011

My long, hot summer

Summer intern Rachel Gregory provides this entry about her impressions of learning the craft of copywriting at Schifino Lee.

The long white marble slab of a desk stretches out before me as I sit at my computer. I’m on reception desk duty as I attempt to write one of my first assignments. It’s my second day as a copywriting intern, and I now know more about varicose veins than I ever thought I would need to.

In school, you get these fantasies about what advertising is like all the time. You think every client is going to be “Target” and have a huge budget to make the most creative work ever. Of course that’s not always true. In the real world, clients have brand guidelines, specific objective, and budget restrictions.

Every project in school is for your favorite product or a big-time client. There are no budget limits, and no creative restrictions. In the advertising fantasy land of school, the real world isn’t taught, and common clients aren’t assigned. Insurance companies? Never. Industrial machinery? What’s that? Anti-itch cream? Forget it. Assignments that will teach us to be creative in confined circumstances and small spaces are non-existent.

So, on my first day when I was presented with the task of editing web copy all about medical treatments, and write headlines for them, my first thought was, what did I do to deserve this? I then reminded myself of how much I still have to learn about writing. While to some that may seem like a disappointment, I am excited to be pushed in areas that I have not yet been.

At Schifino Lee I am looking forward to stretching my creative abilities in ways school has not. I want to learn how to write better and more creatively when dealing with any client. I expect to get a lot of critique that will help me improve the vocation I already enjoy. I think the mix of clients at Schifino Lee is going to give me a well-rounded experience that will enhance my education.

So whether I’m writing headlines for veins or sunglasses, I’m ready to arrange words into phrases that are meaningful and relevant for every client I’m assigned.

Schifino Lee - 3:54 pm May 17, 2011

Translating complex ideas into compelling creative messages (and Chinese)

Schifino Lee works its magic across many global industries — big, small and otherwise. A recent project took us into the obscure world of lead anodes for electro refining. RSR Anodes, based in Casa Grande, AZ needed a new website and sales literature to present its products to a worldwide audience of hydrometallurgical processors.

RSR’s manufactured product is a slab of lead and other materials that when charged with an electric current will attract a specific non-ferrous metal (such as zinc or cobalt) from ore dissolved in acid. For the Schifino Lee creative team, the first stop was educating themselves on electro winning—that is the refining process that employs the anodes—and the RSR manufacturing process.

The new website describes the numerous compositional and manufactured features of the anodes, and the benefits they present to metal refiners. Schifino Lee reduced these complex concepts into concise language that can be understood by everyone involved in the purchasing process—from a plant manager with an advanced engineering degree to a purchasing manager who never studied chemistry.

One more challenge to Schifino Lee was publishing the information in 5 languages: Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese as well as English. Since its launch the website has had more than 25,000 unique visitors which is excellent traffic for this niche product. View website:

Schifino Lee also provided RSR Anodes with SEO services in order to drive quality traffic to the site, and developed a robust Content Management System for client administration.

Why has Schifino Lee been retained by clients from so many different industries, in places near and far? Because, we listen to our clients and learn about their businesses—and we translate what they do into creative work that is fresh and compelling—in both digital and traditional media.

And shouldn’t we all start doing business in Chinese?

Schifino Lee - 4:15 pm May 2, 2011

Schifino Lee is looking for 2011 Spring/Summer Creative Interns!

Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding creative department will mentor copywriting, art direction, and interactive art direction interns this coming spring/summer.

Current students and recent graduates are welcome to apply!

Art Director interns must be completely competent with the Adobe Suite. To apply, send a brief explanation of what you want to accomplish as an intern and samples to:

Interactive Art Director interns must be comfortable with HTML and CSS, and understand programming logic.  To apply, send a brief explanation of what you want to accomplish as an intern and samples of interface design work and code to

Copywriters must be proficient in written English, well read and up to date on cultural and social trends. To apply send a brilliantly written letter explaining why you love advertising and samples to:

We will be interviewing immediately.

Schifino Lee - 6:36 pm April 18, 2011

Schifino Lee joins battle against PI

Schifino Lee has stepped up to the plate to help strike out Primary Immunodeficiency by becoming the marketing partner for the 2011 All-American Beach Bash and Wiffle Ball Tournament.

Our work includes, the online home for the annual 2-day event held on St. Pete beach at the Don CeSar resort. This will be third year for this major fundraiser for All Children’s Hospital and the University of South Florida’s Department of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology Division.

At businesses and families can register for sponsorships and event participation, make 100% tax deductable donations, and view event photos and videos all in one place.

Make sure to spend your Independence Day weekend with us at St. Pete Beach for an all-American outing to help children with allergies and PI. Whether you stay a day or the weekend, this family getaway offers adults and children alike the chance to give back, with tax deductable donations that will be matched 100 percent by the Jeffry Modell Foundation. Please go to for more details.


Amanda Koenn - 3:11 pm April 12, 2011

Spin For Kids

The 2011 Spin For Kids Celebrity Bike Spin took place this past weekend at the Glazer Children’s Museum. The host of this years event was Buccaneer great, #51 Barrett Rudd.

The funds raised will benefit Academy Prep, a Tampa middle school which prepares economically disadvantaged students to achieve acadmic success, and PlaySmart, a national non-profit organization that helps kids reach their full potential through sports.

The event was a great success and included 5 hours of spinning on the lawn of Curtis Hixon park with motivational instructors pushing everyone to their limits. After the intense spin a party was held at the Glazer Children’s Museum with a live band, food, drinks and dancing.

Glazer Childrens Museum on Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa, site of Celebrity Spin for Kids.

SchifinoLee provided all of the marking support for this super event including the logo, flyers and ads.

Schifino Lee - 4:24 pm February 21, 2011

Schifino Lee launches new agency website & blog

Why are we refreshing our website? For the same reasons every business should consider:

  • To better represent who we are today (not last year or 2-3 years ago)
  • To take advantage of innovations in web programming
  • To simplify navigation for quicker arrival at what visitors want to see
  • To build a better showcase for our work
  • To create an efficient platform for future content
  • To refine our design aesthetics

As a leading provider of online solutions, our business has evolved so our online presence had to as well.
It’s imperative that we have a site that exemplifies what a website should be for our business and to convey our brand personality.

Some improvements you will see:

  • Featured work on the home page. Our product is what visitors want to see, so there it is.
  • More interactivity, because many brand experiences happen on the web today
  • New options for searching our online portfolio by industry and by category
  • A complete overhaul of our Blog to reflect the most current agency and industry information

And a few features you can’t see: We built it on an open-source CMS for easy updating; and we’ve incorporated some best practices for SEO (search engine optimization).

So please explore Schifino Lee’s new web experience, follow us on Twitter and visit often to see new content and catch up with our “Blog & Pony Show.”

For more information visit our website at or please contact Ben Lee or Paola Schifino at 813-258-5858, exts. 224 and 223, respectively, or at and

Paola Schifino - 7:49 pm February 11, 2011

Michelangelo, Bernini, Calder, Slee

Cradle of Champions before its unveiling in Fort Worth

On January 28, 2011,  Slee’s contribution to the civic monuments was unveiled by officials from the City of Fort Worth and Gerdau Ameristeel. The Cradle of Champions sculpture is the steel manufacturer’s gift to the city, one of the co-hosts of Super Bowl XLV, and was designed by Schifino Lee.

The artwork is made from steel recycled, cast and rolled  by Gerdau at one of its mini mills. This is the the third time the Brazil-based metals companies has given a monument to a Super Bowl host city.

The sculpture stands in Sundance Square, the heart of Fort Worth.

According to a story on ESPN cable and internet, Cradle of Champions honors the rich tradition of scholar football in Texas. The 14 tons of steel come from North Texas Stadium, which was recently demolished, and high schools were asked to contribute some bit of steel from their own facilities. On the back of the sculpture will be engraved all the names of Lone Star high school and college football players who have and will play professional ball.

Schifino Lee - 11:44 am January 24, 2011

Slee gets Pulitzer Prize-

Winner’s Praise.

When best-selling author and TV commentator Doris Kearns Goodwin saw the work Schifino Lee created to promote her upcoming appearance in Tampa she pronounced, “I love it!”

Her book No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II won the Pulitzer Prize for history in 1994. Her 2005 book Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln was a huge bestseller and is the basis of Steven Spielberg’s next film.

Art Director Eric Clark created the stylized double portrait of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to illustrate Goodwin’s theme: the personal characteristics and values that make one a great leader.  She will give examples of how values such as perspective, magnanimity and humor helped past presidents excel and can help anyone succeed in a leadership role.

Ms. Goodwin will be keynote speaker at the Hillsborough County Bar Foundation Law & Liberty Dinner on March 24, at the Grand Hyatt. Admission is by reservation only. Call 813-221-7777 for information.

Schifino Lee - 2:26 pm January 20, 2011

Another seduction to the dark side

New account management intern Samantha Anastasia shares her thoughts on learning the ropes at Schifino Lee.

Being an intern can feel intimidating and frightening. The need to impress is always in the back of your mind. An intern is always worried that they will only be given simple and mindless tasks. “Can you go grab me a coffee? Or, “Can you go make me a copy of this single piece of paper?” The fears of an intern are never-ending, but at Schifino Lee, I don’t believe that any of these fears are ever going to be an issue.

Being an account management intern at Schifino Lee I hope to accomplish every single task I am given (Even if they are simple and mindless). I am extremely excited to learn the ins and outs of how an agency operates, especially seeing the process it takes to develop a job from beginning to end. I look forward to building relationships and gaining the respect and trust from my co-workers; as well as understanding the world of advertising even more. So far I have learned something new everyday, and I believe my internship at Schifino Lee will continue to surpass all my positive expectations.

Schifino Lee - 12:52 pm January 17, 2011

Slee helps end the foreclosure crisis

“Creating a great user experience and establishing a superior brand, in addition to providing outstanding service offering is important to us. With Schifino Lee we accomplished it all.”

—Eric Friedman, President of PREO LLC

Schifino Lee has helped Tampa, Fla.-based PREO rebrand itself and its website with a consumer friendly new face and user experience that captures the brand’s promise of value and speed.

PREO is the complete online solution the real estate market needs to make short sales work. PREO brings together lenders, buyers, homeowners and realtors to turn foreclosed and underwater properties back into family homes.

The new look and user experience was the result of a series of calculated steps, designed to ensure that the online marketplace for short sale and REO properties matched consumer needs, as well as the brand characteristics of the company.

Schifino Lee researched how consumers use online sites to search for short sales and utilized these findings to help PREO keep its promise to make short sales and REO sales faster, cheaper and easier for everyone involved.

Value is important because, in this economy, people expect to get the best home for a great price. But equally important is the speed at which a short sale can be realized – typically not short at all. PREO offers the best value by listing the lender’s lowest acceptable price, which speeds up the sale process, because consumers are no longer guessing what the bank expects for the property, the deal can be done more quickly on PREO deals – in approximately 45 days.

Schifino Lee - 3:25 pm November 19, 2010

Creative Interns Now Being Accepted

Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding creative department will mentor copywriting and art direction interns next semester.

Current students and recent graduates are welcome to apply.

Art Directors must be completely competent with the Adobe suite and have some interactive experience. To apply, send a brief explanation of what you want to accomplish as an intern and three samples to:

Copywriters must be proficient in written English, well read and up to date on cultural and social trends. To apply send a brilliantly written letter explaining why you love advertising and three samples to:

We will interview the first week of December and make selections before the end of term.

Schifino Lee - 2:24 pm October 27, 2010

What I’m doing here

In this edition of Blog and Pony Show Tyler Ward, our newest intern, explains why he signed on.

I’m interning at Schifino Lee because I’m hungry for new experiences. I have a strong background in finance, and anyone in my shoes and his right mind would be pursuing jobs in investment banking right now.  Maybe I should say anyone in his left mind would be pursuing a job in investment banking since that’s the analytical side of the brain.  And there’s the problem: I am in my right mind—creative and eager for all kinds of stimulation—and left-brain businesses such as law and finance do not have the creative energy that stimulates me (at least in entry positions).

So far nothing has quenched my thirst for new experiences and creativity as well as advertising and branding.  It is exciting, motivating, and thought provoking to constantly have a fresh task at hand.  Furthermore, I love learning new things and I learn best by doing (I read far too slow, even after numerous speed reading classes, to learn fast enough to be “contempt”).

My experience at Schifino Lee so far has been fast paced and stimulating (which I certainly expected since my other experiences with Paola Schifino—a close family friend—have been far from ordinary).  So far, Schifino Lee has given me exactly what I want, I have asked – to learn while having the chance to be creative.

Finally, I need to confess that my left brain did play a part in my decision to intern here. All this experience will look good on my resume.

Tyler Ward is not only our best dressed intern ever, but the best-dressed man in the office. He is a recent graduate of Stetson University and is a native of Tampa.

Schifino Lee - 10:24 am July 8, 2010

Man or machine? iPhone or Droid?

Here’s an interesting comparison: two very different ads—and strategies—for parity products.

Here’s the commercial for iPhone 4

And here’s the promo for Droid X

We all prefer the iPhone ad, and not because we are elitist Apple devotees. We like the iPhone message because we like being human.

The raison d’etre for a phone is connectivity. This spot demonstrates how the new iPhone lets you reach out and connect with people in a meaningful way. It lets you have dialogues and share emotions; “only connect” as E.M. Forrester famously wrote (Howards End)

Droid, on the other hand, turns you into a machine. Droid = Android = imitation human = antisocial techie. That’s a fine strategy as it speaks to people who love technology and are more interested in doing things than getting all touchy feely. It all makes perfect sense since a Droid (Android) is an artificial person.

Compare this to the Sprint Evo intro that is aimed squarely at first adapters. This type of geek is actually more social because what is the use of having the newest, latest, coolest gadget if you can’t brag to other life forms about it?

Schifino Lee - 5:25 pm June 28, 2010

Verner visits The Dark Side

Verner, the creative intern, returns to share a milestone in his career.

Today, for the first time, I experienced the business side of advertising (a.k.a. The Dark Side). I saw how a sale is made and how hard it is to be an account executive.


Schifino Lee - 11:22 am June 24, 2010

What I’ll learn this summer

In this entry of The Blog and Pony Show, Slee intern Jorge Hermez shares his aspirations.

As a recent graduate from the University of South Florida, I have been dying to get out in the real world. Interning with Schifino Lee will look great on my resume, allow me to build my portfolio, and will give me the necessary experience to get there. (more…)

Schifino Lee - 11:46 am June 9, 2010

The Naming Game

Coming up with a name for a company or product is the biggest creative dare Schifino Lee is challenged with. It’s hard work because in just one, two or three words you have to say a hundred things that will resonate for decades.

Before I show a client new brand name suggestions I ask them, “What are the most popular children’s names today?” Up comes a PowerPoint slide with two cute cartoon toddlers named Rival and Usurper. “These are most popular girls’ and boys’ names in the US,” I say. “You probably know them better as Emily and Jacob.”

The lesson is: a name is what you make it. A name has intrinsic meaning—Emily stands for rival and IBM stands for International Business Machines. (more…)

Paola Schifino - 11:12 am May 27, 2010

Fresh from the kitchens of Schifino Lee

Two new websites are hot out of our creative and programming ovens.

The first is for La Segunda Central Bakery, the premier maker of Cuban-style breads and pastries in the U.S. (at least according to a  poll of diners at Columbia Restaurant). The site greatly enhances the hundred-year old Ybor City bakery’s profile in the food service industry and spearheads their expansion as a regional commercial baker. Senior Interactive Art Director Nico Gomez (an expert on the Cuban sandwich) designed and built this great-looking site. I personally quality-tested all the products before they were photographed.

Our other delicious new website is for HOPCO Food Brokers. Tampa-based HOPCO represents national and local brands to the food service industry in the southeast states. It allows the brokerage and its clients to extend their reach into the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, retirement homes and other institutions. In addition to information about the brands, the site features important resources for food managers and contact info for all of HOPCO’s offices. Creative Director Max Blevins took the lead and was assisted by Mark, Nico and Eric.

Schifino Lee - 10:36 am

Confessions of a brand new adman

This entry of Blog and Pony Show is by Joe Citro, another Schifino Lee summer intern who is pulling double duty with the account service and creative departments.

The days leading up to arrival at Schifino and Lee were filled with excitement and a little bit of nervousness.  I was unsure of what I would be doing, who I would work with, and most importantly what challenges would be placed in front of me.  However, I did reflect on what I hoped to achieve during my internship.  I have 5 goals which I plan to achieve before the end of my time here at Schifino and Lee. (more…)

Schifino Lee - 2:52 pm May 19, 2010

What I did on my summer internship

This entry of Blog and Pony Show is from our new creative intern, Verner D’Souza.

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” said Clarence Kelland, a prominent writer. After three years of studying advertising in college, yesterday was the first day of my internship at Schifino Lee and my first taste of the ‘real world.’ If I could describe my day in flavors, it was tangy, savory and full of surprises. From shooting a video about a company selling a variety of sauces to writing my first commercial ever. It was something I never expected on my first day.


Schifino Lee - 12:57 pm May 11, 2010

Meet us in the Lounge

Two designs created at Schifino Lee will be included in Logo Lounge 6: 2000 International Identities by Leading Designers.


The book prints the very best of 34,000 submissions sent to in 2009. In addition to compiling the best of the best, Logo Lounge is a source of inspiration to designers in need of ideas.

Sr. Interactive Art Director Nic Gomez created this icon for a revolution lead by children for Financial Literacy for Kids, a grass roots organization that hopes to make the next generation better at handling money than the current one.

studio_c_logo_RGBThis comfy design was crafted by yours truly for Studio C. That’s the interior design division of global real estate developer Corvus International. The use of the ‘C’ families with the parent company logo.

Schifino Lee - 11:17 am April 29, 2010

Marketing is not rocket science. It’s nanotechnology!

plasma-thermSchifino Lee team members prepare for another day in the highly scientific, technologically advanced world of advertising and branding. Here we don our clean suits before entering our deep thoughts think tank. Not one particle of dirt or dust or mental schmutz is allowed to penetrate our intellectually pure mind space to ensure that your brand strategy and marketing messages are uncontaminated by clichés or mediocrity.

Actually, this is the team assigned to our newest client Plasma-Therm visiting their St. Petersburg, Florida, facility on April 22. Plasma-Therm makes the machines that make micro chips and nanodevices. Their technology is what makes it possible for smart phones to run all those apps and for Wii controllers to know if you’re rolling a strike or a gutter ball. Schifino Lee will be preparing an advertising campaign aimed at the semiconductor trade.

Schifino Lee - 4:48 pm March 31, 2010

What’s a Vology?


Recently, Schifino Lee had the privilege of creating a new brand name for Network Liquidators, a multimillion-dollar technology equipment provider. Their new handle is Vology. When NL decided to expand from just buying and selling equipment into being a complete service provider, they realized their name would hold them back. That’s when they came to Slee for help.

Creating a new brand name is a very big challenge. The name is the label for the brand and needs to communicate in one highly concentrated package the entire brand experience.

The naming process began with building a brand profile. We looked at their customers, their competitors and the competitive space they were moving into. NL wanted to jump out the reseller pool and be considered on a par with tech OEMs, like Cisco Systems. That meant their new name had to have credibility, communicate assurance, quality and scope. To that we added the company’s values and attributes and its differentiators. The chief among these is speed. NL acts faster than anyone else at quoting prices and sending out product.


Schifino Lee - 11:01 am March 25, 2010

Freshmen, start your craniums


Fresh faces at SLEE

A group of freshmen from the University of South Florida visited SLEE last Friday to see what working in advertising is all about. These students are already considering careers in advertising/ marketing, and we proved to them they’re making the right choice.

The students observed the action in the creative, media and account service departments from a safe distance. Then they learned about the different agency disciplines from expert practitioners: Nordin (media), Nic (interactive), Jeff (whatever suits do), Eric (copy) and Kyle from our partner Bayview Public Relations. Ben and Paola got up-close and personal to give them the big picture of life on the cutting edge of branding.

The future “Mad Men” wanted to know what they should do during their college years to prepare for the marketing life. In addition to perfecting their communication and team skills, we encouraged them to take courses that have nothing to do with marketing. “Success in marketing comes from having great ideas,” newly minted ACD Eric told them. “The more you know, the more places you have to go in your mind for those ideas. Broad experience in school and life will give you a big advantage over the competition.”

Schifino Lee - 2:00 am February 8, 2010

Reaching above and beyond takes ingenuity and the right steel

Steel is in everything we drive, live in and most things we use, but do you know who the leader is in the mini-mill steel industry? 

Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding has been engaged by Gerdau Ameristeel to create a national advertising campaign to increase the profile of their company.  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to help this new client tell its story and reach out to customers.  The new campaign will help position and recognize Gerdau Ameristeel as an industry leader in steel production and scrap metal recycling.

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Schifino Lee - 9:53 am October 13, 2009

Fresh Talent for the Fall

Schifino Lee is proud to announce that we have brought on two interns for our creative department, Allison Schneider and Jason Howard.

Allison is a budding art director from the University of South Florida with a high drive for producing great work. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising she landed her first intern gig with one of our clients, Guardian Lion Wireless, which is where we discovered her.

Originally from Dunedin, Fl. Allison grew up creative, constantly performing at dance recitals, painting random objects and designing jewelry. “I get my creativity from my parents. They are ‘artsy’.”

A fellow student from USF, who won an Addy for her work, created Allison’s favorite advertisement. “This ad was amazing. It showed a lottery ticket being folded into all the different things you could do with the prize money. It was so simple.”

The ad could not be reached for comment.

Jason, our copywriting intern, hails from Saint Leo University. Having obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Jason brings with him the knowledge of the art of selling anything to anyone.

Originally, Jason is from Webster, Fl. and moved to Tampa shortly after completing college. Having grown up in small town America, then moving to the big city, we feel that he can bring to us an array of perspectives and experiences our clients will enjoy.

“Even though it wasn’t my major, I took every writing course my school had to offer. I love it,” Jason said. He has always enjoyed writing, and even has completed a “yet to be published” novel.

The novel, as well, could not be reached for comment.