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Schifino Lee - 7:51 pm February 11, 2011

Milton Glaser’s hidden talent

Not only is Milton Glaser one of the world’s great illustrators, an outstanding teacher and an iconic graphic designer—the man can also tell a joke. And, oy vey, can he curse!

Watch the 82 year old in action here. These come from Old Jews Telling Jokes, my very favorite iTunes podcast.

Milton Glaser, Two Garmentos

Schifino Lee - 2:32 pm May 3, 2010

He served us well

The greatest graphic designer you never heard of has passed away. His name was Leslie Buck. He lived and worked in New York, and if sheer production volume is the measure, he is one of the greatest designers ever.

What you don’t know what he designed? But it’s an icon! It’s blue, white and gold and fits in your hands. It’s very New Yawk. Still don’t know? I’ll just cue up a re-run of Law and Order (doesn’t matter which one). Here are the detectives walking down a cold Manhattan street. One moodily sips some coffee. Okay, freeze-frame. What’s that in his hand? That’s right. Leslie Buck is the designer of the ubiquitous take-out coffee cup known as the Anphora.

As befits a gentleperson of great accomplishment, Mr. Buck, a Czech-born Holocaust Survivor, got a feature obit in the New York Times, which we are pleased to share with you.