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Since partnering with Schifino Lee, Alessi has been successful in expanding their products and elevating brand awareness among their core audience. But they also realized the necessity of expanding that audience, extending their reach to a new group of consumers: millennials. This social savvy generation presented a world of opportunities for Alessi, but a few challenges as well, including:




Knowing the millennial market’s preference for authenticity and quality, we redesigned Alessi’s website and developed an integrated campaign focused on capturing authentic moments. We also leveraged the brand’s 70-year history to showcase both the authentic Italian ingredients used by the company and the Alessi family’s Italian heritage. Our emphasis on social media, mobile marketing, and increased digital video content—along with beautiful photography and graphics—has helped us better connect with this younger audience.





Alessi Way Video

Alessi Website

Alessi_Website HOME_MOCK

Alessi Recipe Videos


Since the new campaign’s launch in January 2016:

<p>54% increase in Alessi’s millennial Facebook audience.</p>

54% increase in Alessi’s millennial Facebook audience.

<p>10,000+ new Facebook followers.</p>

10,000+ new Facebook followers.

<p>Online sales have more than doubled.</p>

Online sales have more than doubled.

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