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Grenlec, one of the Caribbean’s leading electricity providers, was faced with the false public perception of being unapproachable and expensive by customers on the island of Grenada. The utility’s reliability, charitable efforts and forward-thinking initiatives were largely overlooked due to a lack of consumer education and communications.



Schifino Lee repositioned Grenlec’s public perception by rebranding the company as friendly, innovative and essential to the community and future of the nation. An energetic awareness campaign featured original photography of the island’s vibrant people and culture.


Simultaneously, a multi-channel content marketing campaign was employed to inform and educate government and business leaders on the utility’s investments, contributions and economic impact via feature stories, press releases, and fact sheets distributed through email, social media, broadcast programming, and public forums.




Since the twin campaigns launched in May 2015: Increased customer satisfaction, greater consumer understanding & overall engagement.

<p>22,000 new unique website visitors<br />
705,417 impressions<br />
9,049 clicks</p>

22,000 new unique website visitors
705,417 impressions
9,049 clicks

<p>From zero to 2,400+ “likes” on Facebook<br />
299,032 impressions<br />
Ads: Generated 526,306 impressions; 4,019 clicks</p>

From zero to 2,400+ “likes” on Facebook
299,032 impressions
Ads: Generated 526,306 impressions; 4,019 clicks

<p>All accomplished on an island of only 106,000 people.</p>

All accomplished on an island of only 106,000 people.

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