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by Ben Lee on March 12, 2018


While Schifino Lee’s marketing for Grenlec, one of the Caribbean’s leading electricity providers, had successfully elevated public perception and educated both community leaders and customers about its contributions to the nation, the three-year old campaign was due for a refresh.


Building upon the original theme of Energising Our Grenada, we evolved to a new integrated campaign, Good For Grenada, which dives deeper into the specific value Grenlec brings to the communities it serves from economic, cultural, educational, lifestyle and environmental perspectives.


To introduce the new concept to the people of Grenada, Schifino Lee deployed a fresh mix of broad-based advertising, e-marketing, social media, and other tactics.



Good for Grenada has steadily driven traffic to the Grenlec website and grown the company’s Facebook following by 25%. Since Energising Our Grenada launched in 2016, overall public perception of Grenlec has improved and customer satisfaction has increased.

<p>Digital banner ads generated:<br />
1,644,080 impressions<br />
11,886 clicks  </p>

Digital banner ads generated:
1,644,080 impressions
11,886 clicks

<p>3,088,780 ad impressions<br />
246,094 organic impressions<br />
1,245 new “likes”<br />
4,500+ total “likes” netted from both campaigns </p>

3,088,780 ad impressions
246,094 organic impressions
1,245 new “likes”
4,500+ total “likes” netted from both campaigns

<p>All accomplished on an island of only 106,000 people.</p>

All accomplished on an island of only 106,000 people.

Learn more about the evolution of Grenlec’s marketing by checking out the original Energising Our Grenada campaign.

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