The Powers Company
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As a management consulting group, The Powers Company has to battle the negative perception most companies have of typical consultants, who lack real-world experience and often push unnecessarily expensive solutions.




With their frontline management experience, proven ROI on projects, and measurable, sustainable results, The Powers Company takes a very unconventional approach to business compared to typical consultants. Using this insight, we positioned The Powers Company as “unsultants” whose success is based on the Power of UN, complete with a full vocabulary of undeniably intriguing terms. The brand was then expressed through an integrated campaign, including: a website, email blasts, sales collateral and an online video series.


Since the “Unsultants” campaign launch in Spring 2014:

<p>Differentiated from competition</p>

Differentiated from competition

<p>Awareness Jumped</p>

Awareness Jumped

<p>Website Traffic Grew</p>

Website Traffic Grew