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As a reaction to the growing epidemic of Meth use in Alabama, The US Dept. of Justice partnered with the Alabama District Attorneys Association and Governor Bob Riley to fund the largest Public Education & Awareness Campaign in state history. The objective was to reach & influence the general public about the dangers and consequences of this life threatening drug.


ZEROMETH was created and launched through every state media outlet, middle & high schools and local outreach programs as an anti-brand in the fight against meth abuse. The campaign was targeted at first time users and addicts to graphically communicate the effects, lifestyle and consequences of meth use. Targeting 14-25 year olds, the goal was to give teens and young adults real life examples of the harsh realities of meth, without ever having to experiment with the drug.



<p>Reached 92% of Alabama households</p>

Reached 92% of Alabama households

<p>Meth lab seizures increased by 300%</p>

Meth lab seizures increased by 300%

<p>Campaign won multiple awards; one of the top PSA in the US.</p>

Campaign won multiple awards; one of the top PSA in the US.

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