Data-driven, strategy-focused creative agency

We neurotically
care for your brand.

From our first call to the moment we push the go live button on your shiny new campaign, the people at Schifino Lee invest their heart, soul and brainpower into your deserving brand. Why? Because we genuinely care about what you do and what we do. Your products become our products. Your team becomes a part of our team. We live, breathe and believe in your brand. Our insanely talented people, processes, strategic thinking and creative prowess combined under an aligned vision are what set us apart. It’s what will set you apart. Work with us and you may become a little neurotic too.

Strategy-centric. Strategy-crazed.

Everything we do at Schifino Lee revolves around brand strategy. Creative, PR, media, social, digital—it all begins and stems from a brilliant, thorough, comprehensive brand strategy that we develop hand-in-hand with your team. Then, once the strategic blueprint is in place, we activate—with wildly effective custom content that aligns with your brand’s story, values and mission. Simply put, no other agency has the strategic experience, talent and brainpower of Schifino Lee. Let us build a mind-blowingly strong strategic foundation for your brand.

We achieve big-time,
business-altering outcomes.

We generate real results. Outcomes that you see and feel. Noticeable shifts in your customers’ behaviors. A rise in your sales leads. Improved attitudes among your employees. And most importantly, higher numbers on your profitability sheets.
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