Month: April 2010

Marketing is not rocket science. It’s nanotechnology!

Schifino Lee team members prepare for another day in the highly scientific, technologically advanced world of advertising and branding. Here we don our clean suits before entering our deep thoughts think tank. Not one particle of dirt or dust or mental schmutz is allowed to penetrate our intellectually pure mind space to ensure that your brand […]

4/23/85 A date that will live in branding infamy

Today is the 25th anniversary of the most spectacular failure in the history of brands. New Coke officially began its 77-day life span on April 23, 1985. The truth is New Coke consistently beat old Coke and Pepsi in taste tests. It sold well and even recaptured brand share for the Atlanta-based beverage maker.

Schifino Lee Develops Successful Event With Real Results

In a period of only two weeks Schifino Lee developed a successful event for an investors presentation by ActivoFirst, a Texas-based Wholesale Savings Association whose mission is to acquire distressed assets from the FDIC and troubled banking institutions. Schifino Lee’s event preparation included creating customized invitations, utilizing database information, handling all RSVPs, producing the PowerPoint presentation, creating an […]

I Followed My Dream

I’m proud to be the newest addition to the account service team at Schifino Lee. I was born and raised in Ft. Myers, and I moved to Tampa to pursue a degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida. I’ve always been intrigued by advertising, I think it’s remarkable how a well-crafted message can influence […]

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