2022 Trends: E-commerce

The pandemic accelerated the shift from physical to digital channels as organizations sought new ways to engage with customers and employees during the lockdown. Now, as more businesses reopen, many brands are challenged with creating hybrid experiences that integrate the best of physical and digital worlds.

In fact, three-quarters of global executives surveyed say they will invest more in creating hybrid experiences over the next 12 months, with the goals of improving personalization (43%), customer connection (40%), and inclusive experiences (38%).

How can they achieve this? Leaders can start by applying principles from human-centered design — expanding consumer choices, integrating feedback, and investing in technological infrastructure.

  • After almost 50% growth in e-commerce channel ad spending last year, advertisers will increase those allocations by another 27.8% this year to a record $24 billion.
  • E-commerce channel advertising will be among the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising, accounting for 1 in 8 digital ad dollars this year.
  • Brands are gravitating toward retail media and moving the category up the marketing funnel.
  • Search engine marketing still accounts for the lion’s share of e-commerce channel ad spending, but display and video in particular, are becoming more important for keeping top-of-mind to consumers.

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