A new brand of intelligence: Schifino Lee positions Celestar

Celestar, a fast growing defense contractor providing intelligence and other critical support services to the military, was ready to step up and take its place among the defense industry’s top-tier solutions providers. Schifino Lee translated Celestar’s core values of dedication, tenacity and initiative—honored military values—into a powerful, differentiated brand message that commands the respect and attention of its US and international clients.

Schifino Lee immersed itself in Celestar’s business with employee focus groups, executive interviews, competitive research and a marketing audit. We discovered a top-to-bottom dedication among Celestar’s mostly veteran workforce for “fully completing the mission.” Celestar’s emphasis on military virtues, such as loyalty and integrity, set them apart from competitors who tended to put corporate ROI above all.

With this understanding, Schifino Lee’s creative team developed a new logo, tagline and visual identity to express Celestar’s philosophy: “Passion for the Mission.” After this foundation was laid, Schifino Lee created marketing materials including print advertisements, collateral materials, tradeshow displays and a new website, www.celestarcorp.com.

Schifino Lee

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