Aerial Adventure Park Coming to Tampa Bay Area

Schifino Lee recently collaborated with Point Summit to develop the brand identity, name and media strategy behind a new aerial adventure park in Dade City. The name TreeHoppers was deemed worthy of the new attraction’s intrigue, excitement, and adventure. TreeHoppers will provide customers with an exciting day of exploration that challenges and inspires them.

Opening in August, the park will feature nearly 100 aerial components, including dozens of zip lines, rope bridges, and aerial climbing elements, to make up eight unique courses. TreeHoppers offers a course for everyone. Children over the age of 5, athletes, experienced climbers, nature lovers, and everyone in between will all find a course that fits their skill and comfort level. Each course will be different so that an adventurer can return to TreeHoppers again and have a completely new experience each time. Climbers will be equipped with the latest safety climbing technology and receive full safety instruction from highly-trained climbing instructors. TreeHoppers will fully utilize its 60 acres on Saint Joe Road in Dade City to allow visitors to travel through the canopy trees and cross picturesque landscapes of hilly forests with sprawling oak trees and beautiful lakes.

The park is opening in Dade City, just 35 minutes north of Tampa. Dade City is the perfect location for an aerial adventure park because it has been dubbed “Tree City, U.S.A.” for its highly wooded areas, is home to people who are known for loving the outdoors, pulls from the tourist-friendly attitude in the nearby Tampa Bay area, and has great weather year round.

With an exact August opening date still to be determined, TreeHoppers will be open year-round, 7 days a week. Check them out on Facebook or their website for more information.

Schifino Lee is excited to venture out into the canopies of TreeHoppers for our next outdoor bonding activity!

Schifino Lee

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