Amphenol Custom Cable: Making the Complex Clear

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Amphenol Custom Cable, a cable provider from concept to connection, future-proofs companies defining the future. Schifino Lee was tapped to help Custom Cable redefine how they present themselves by crafting their brand story in a modernapproachable way. Our teams worked side-by-side to bring their vision to life. 

First, our teams had a deep discovery session with the clientThen, we visited Custom Cable’s production facility to best understand their business from the inside out. From there, we focused on brand positioning and messaging strategy. Identifying their true unique selling proposition was key because, as we discovered, theyre miles beyond their competitors. Once our strategy was in place, our award-winning interactive user experience, art direction, photography and design brought everything together 

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The main deliverable, their website, needed to accomplish several objectives: 

1. Sell state-of-the-art products with a digital custom cable design tool. (eCommerce)
2. Inform new clients on their capabilities and case studies. (B2B)
3. Educate their new parent company, Amphenol, global corporation who had recently acquired them. (Internal Marketing)

The complexity of this request made it a tall ask, but our experience in crafting integrated campaigns helped us develop a content strategy that would allow us to do all three under one website. 

custom cable mobile

custom cable web mockups

Schifino Lee successfully launched their website, in collaboration with Custom Cables development team. What’s more is that were able to build a deliverable to help their sales team share their brand digitally and physically. A dual print and digital flip book now gives reps the ability to tell the Custom Cable story in person or online, ultimately helping them close more deals. 

custom cable book


For the past few weeks, we’ve been working around the clock with our clients to help them get through these uncertain times. From PR to content strategy, creative design to media planning, we’re making sure our clients are taken care of and prepared for better times ahead. 

We know “back to normal” might look a lot different, but we also know that having a strong brand and leading your business with strategy (rather than panic) is what keeps businesses successful through good and bad times.

If you need brand and digital strategy, creative design or media planning and buying – our teams are safely working across the Bay and beyond to get you ready for a better future. We’re doing this together as a team, and we want to help our business community succeed. 

 We’re here to help. Contact us today. 

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