Another seduction to the dark side

New account management intern Samantha Anastasia shares her thoughts on learning the ropes at Schifino Lee.

Being an intern can feel intimidating and frightening. The need to impress is always in the back of your mind. An intern is always worried that they will only be given simple and mindless tasks. “Can you go grab me a coffee? Or, “Can you go make me a copy of this single piece of paper?” The fears of an intern are never-ending, but at Schifino Lee, I don’t believe that any of these fears are ever going to be an issue.

Being an account management intern at Schifino Lee I hope to accomplish every single task I am given (Even if they are simple and mindless). I am extremely excited to learn the ins and outs of how an agency operates, especially seeing the process it takes to develop a job from beginning to end. I look forward to building relationships and gaining the respect and trust from my co-workers; as well as understanding the world of advertising even more. So far I have learned something new everyday, and I believe my internship at Schifino Lee will continue to surpass all my positive expectations.

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