ARMA Global, one of nation’s fastest growing defense companies, engages Schifino Lee for enhanced branding initiative.

ARMA Global is a rapidly growing company that supports the US Special Operations Command and other elements of the Department of Defense in successful implementation of foreign policy, material delivery and security objectives.

As they planned the company’s strategy, ARMA’s leadership recognized that their branding and marketing needed to attain the same standards of excellence that their operations and execution had.

To reach these objectives, ARMA selected Schifino Lee.

“Schifino Lee has a proven success record of creating brand communications that drive growth,” stated ARMA CEO, Todd J. Schweitzer. “Schifino Lee was the perfect fit for ARMA. We were impressed with their past performance of working with other companies in developing the right message to their customers.”

The new branding and marketing initiatives include a refreshed logo, new collateral materials and new website copy and imagery that represent genuine innovation for their industry. ARMA needed materials that communicated both the superior professionalism of the company as well as the “we have walked in your boots” experience of their personnel.

“ARMA serves those who serve our country,” said Ben Lee, Principal of Schifino Lee. “We are grateful for and honored by the opportunity to serve them.”

Schifino Lee

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