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Brands that #RefuseToLose

Brands that #RefuseToLose

Recently, a potential client was sharing his background and mentioned that while he had studied advertising in college he knew that to support his family he needed to take a real job—not settle for some typical fly-by-night advertising agency.  Mind you, he was talking about different times, so as the co-founder of my own agency, […]


When it comes to business, client relationships are your most important asset.  Your long term clients know who you are, understand your full scope of services, and know what you can do for their company. But what happens when a new generation of customers ladder up. Don’t assume they have been briefed on your great […]

Michelangelo, Bernini, Calder, Slee

On January 28, 2011,  Slee’s contribution to the civic monuments was unveiled by officials from the City of Fort Worth and Gerdau Ameristeel. The Cradle of Champions sculpture is the steel manufacturer’s gift to the city, one of the co-hosts of Super Bowl XLV, and was designed by Schifino Lee. The artwork is made from […]

Y branding is big news

When an organization unveils a new logo it usually get s a squib on the business page. But this past Tuesday it was big news. I mean BIG news. From Tampa to Enid, OK, to London, UK to Mumbai, it was in practically every daily newspaper and online news feed you can think of. It […]

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