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brand strategy

Brand strategy

Before we dream up a logo or develop a site map, we formulate a brand strategy that acts as a guide for every aspect of your advertising. This targeted plan of attack is what maximizes your marketing budget. Plenty of shops can offer you stunning logos and a beautiful website. At Schifino Lee, our creative solutions are always tied to deeper strategic thinking.


At the heart of any truly innovative brand is creativity. Schifino Lee excels at unearthing the core essence of companies and carefully distilling that into memorable, distinctive logos, corporate visual identities, and messaging that connects with audiences. Our goal is strategy-focused advertising that grabs attention and turns passive consumers into raving brand advocates.
brand strategy
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Brand narrative

Your brand’s story is a living entity that has to perpetually evolve and grow. Our brand story-building process requires an omni-channel, integrated human approach. One that starts with a strategically-sound big idea as the foundation. Then technology, analytics, and media opportunities are applied to bring it to life like never before—across all kinds of social, mobile, digital, traditional, and experiential channels.

Building brand research
strategies that get results.

The rise of digital has drastically changed the way customers gain information and interact with brands. We’re here to guide you through this seismic shift: the Schifino Lee team works with you to anticipate the evolution of technology—as well as customer needs. Whether you’re seeking a new brand, campaign, website, TV spot, logo, or social rebirth, we pivot from the competition to pioneer a groundbreaking new concept that resonates both today and tomorrow.
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