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Rebrand | Integrated Campaign | Marketing Strategy


Energy provider campaign sparks 25% moreengagement.

Integrated campaign is good for Grenada, boosting public
perception and customer satisfaction.


While reliable and well-run, Grenlec’s brand projected an outdated and industrial image. Consumer education was leading citizens to blame the utility for high costs. Simultaneously, there was a seismic push for growth in renewable energy.


We repositioned the brand as youthful, vibrant, and forward-thinking via a consumer awareness campaign. We also implemented an educational content marketing campaign to key stakeholders and influencers.

Grenlec Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Grenlec Energy Website Design and Mobile Marketing Grenlec Energy Outdoor Campaign Schifino Lee Tampa Florida

Online Marketing


To introduce the new concept to the people of Grenada, Schifino Lee deployed a fresh mix of broad-based advertising, e-marketing, social media, and other tactics.


Grenlec Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising


Poster Design

Poster Design



Since our awareness and education campaigns for Grenlec launched:

Increase of 34% in consumer price satisfaction

Support increased 31% for Grenlec initiatives

Awareness increased 25% for community activities