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Is Social Media a recipe for success for B2B?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about social media. But does it work for B2B companies? It seems anytime social media is mentioned in B2B circles, people scoff because they have this preconceived notion that social media is all about teenagers and Facebook. Wrong! Little do they know, studies have shown that B2B […]

Follow us on Pinterest!

Just like the rest of the world, we have taken an interest in Pinterest! This invite-only website hit 10 million U.S. monthly unique users faster than any independent site in history and has increased their daily users by 145% since the start of 2012. And this mega hit website is run by just 16 employees. […]

Social Media vs. So What Media

Fantastic Adweek piece ( points out that most marketers treat social media as if it were cheap broadcast media. Audiences are tired of that. Businesses need to create relevant content and participate in genuine conversations – not mindlessly use social media with a short-term transactional mentality. True social media is about building an emotional connection, […]

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