Colwill Engineering: A Brand Refresh Built to Succeed

Last year, our friends at Colwill Engineering reached out to us to help them build a stronger brand for their businessWe were asked to tell the full story and value of having all design/build services within one cohesive company. And, they asked us to develop a mobile-first, best-in-class website. (So, we got to work.) 

As we always do, branding begins with a Discovery process that helps us understand the company. Often times, this process helps the business understand themselves, too. Once objectives were clear, a competitive audit and target audience study led the way to our brand strategy. 

Based on Colwill Engineering’s main truth and conflict, we developed a focused mission to help create a Unique Selling Proposition, Brand Promise and Brand Essence that will help guide the brand across all internal and external marketing and culture communications. This can be business strategy, ad campaigns, employee communications and more

Brand Values Trustworthy, Collaborative, Strategic, Problem Solvers, Responsive, Veteran Experience, Highly Disciplined, Value-oriented, Innovative


Once the brand strategy was in place, the next step was to create a strong identity system to help Colwill separate themselves from everyone else in their category. From identity packages to office signage and website development–our team developed brilliant ideas to build a stronger foundation for the future of their all-in-one services. 


For the past few weeks, we’ve been working around the clock with our clients to help them get through these gargantuanly uncertain times. From PR to content strategy, creative design to media planning, we’re making sure our clients are taken care of and prepared for better times ahead. 

We know back to normal might look a lot different, but we also know that having a strong brand and leading your business with strategy (rather than panic) is what keeps businesses successful through good and bad times. 

If you need brand and digital strategy, creative design or media planning and buying – our teams are safely working across the Bay and beyond to get you ready for a better future. We’re doing this together as a team, and we want to help our business community succeed. 

We’re here to help. 

Schifino Lee

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