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Person first, platform second

Person first, platform second

Instead of talking about screens and where your ads may show, we here at Schifino Lee are focused solely on finding the right potential customer for you – no matter where they’ll wind up seeing your ad. We operate in an agnostic ad environment; We don’t talk platforms/networks/strategies until we learn about your goals and how they can be measured… Speaking of, what are your goals? Looking for phone calls? Form fills? Web traffic? Increased social media presence?

Search engine marketing

(a.k.a. AdWords, PPC, GoogleAds)

Whatever you want to call it, SEM/AdWords/PPC is the ultimate “bottom of the funnel” lead-generator for your business. Our team comprises those with not only extensive knowledge on the subject but staff that’s worked at Google and is adept at the ever-changing algorithms of the search giant. In addition, we prepare campaigns based on branded and unbranded terms (think “Johnson Auto Parts” versus “Auto Parts near me”) to ensure you are not overpaying for leads you were set to pick up for free.

We track phone calls and submissions on your website to measure your KPIs – because, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re being measured on, right?

web design and development

Location-based ID capture

(a twist on Geofencing)

You may be familiar with Geofencing: find the person at a store and serve them an ad while there. The challenge: Traditional geofencing limits you to live serving and has a minimum radius of 114′ wide of a zone, leaving you paying for ‘next door’ foot traffic that isn’t your ideal audience. Schifino Lee has been at the forefront of location-based targeting in eliminating ad-waste: we can capture a user’s location within 3′ of their device and utilize data from up to the past four (4) years! Want to market to an audience of people who visited the bakery section at a specific supermarket on July 16th, 2021? Yeah – we can do that! 

What can we do with that? (Glad you asked!) Our abilities to use that data include the following:

  • Serving ads to their mobile device.
  • Serving specifically in social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok).
  • Their streaming services (CTV/OTT, streaming audio).
  • Even capturing the attention of their family members by connecting to the IP address from their homes – based on their common evening location. 

Pretty intense, right? Let us pull a sample report to show you how this technology can work for you. 

Streaming video and audio

With access to platforms such as NETFLIX, Disney+, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, and other leading providers, Schifino Lee can get your brand in front of premium audiences. Reach customers based on their behavioral-targeted profile (examples include but are not limited to interests, hobbies, age, gender, income, size of home, or job title) by DMA, zip code, or even by building our own custom audience from that DeviceID tactic we were telling you about. Instead of broadcasting your message to an entire market and trying to determine what percentage your audience may be, serve ads only to those you know already meet the qualifiers!

Behavioral targeted ads

(Display + Video)

“I want to market this product to Men between the ages of 30 and 35 who live in a house that’s over 20 years of age, have an income of $100k+, own a motorcycle, and have an interest in cooking Mexican food.” Ok, great!

With access to over 30,000 different profiles amongst multiple Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), we can drill down on the specific audience profiles you’re looking to reach. Then, custom forecasts will show you the ‘size of the prize’ to evaluate how much opportunity there is within the qualifiers we select. Better yet, we’ll jump on a Zoom call and go ‘shopping’ together in our database to build the audience.

Digital out of home

Billboards on the side of the highway are great marketing tactics, but technology has allowed us to take that same premise and expand the tactic beyond that static – including video ads! Digital out-of-home (“DOOH”) refers to ads on any number of billboards, anything from – yes – the highway – to screens inside a grocery store, Doctor’s office, taxi cab, or even ads on the screens of ATMs. With thousands of touchpoints, Schifino Lee can get your message to the right audience that wants to carry the most impact.
Digital out of home

Helping your brand transform in a rapidly changing world.

Digital channels are highly trackable, so you can accurately gauge your return on investment. But how can you know which channels are best for your brand?

Schifino Lee is here to help: we have the tools and talent required to drive brand awareness and fuel your business’s growth in today’s omnichannel marketplace. We fuse data with award-winning designs and best practices to create content that not only looks amazing—it converts to leads.

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