Enter the Zoom culture

Branded background effects can make the most out of your virtual meetings

By Ben Lee, Principal

We can all agree that 2020 was a dull year. But there was at least one bright spot. With many of us working remotely for the first time, live digital communications were accelerated at least 5 years into the future, opening up entirely new channels of communications.

Zoom meetings. Video teleconferencing. Livestreaming. Virtual trade shows. Live webinars. All of these things existed before the pandemic, but now they’re as normal to daily office life as happy hours and swivel chairs.

So, how can you improve your virtual office experience? One of the simplest ways is to apply branded background effects to your video teleconferencing. Applied backgrounds have become the new office environment. And just like you spent a lot of energy making the conference room in your ‘old’ office look cool, you want to make your virtual space look great too. But save the preloaded beach and space scenes for social calls. For your business, we recommend using:

  • Your company logo and colors
  • Photos of your products or services
  • Photos of your “old” office environment
  • Lifestyle photos of your customers

It’s important that everyone in the company use the same themes to establish company-wide “branding” within your virtual communications. Benefits include:

  • Consistency of image
  • Unity of company culture
  • Cohesion of team, especially to clients when more than one team member is one the call
  • Makes you look like a true company

It also solves a lot of the unprofessional negatives that can occur during a video teleconference. We’ve all seen our fair share of messy beds and distracting overhead fans in the background. Go into your meetings as a professionally united front and leave nothing to chance.

Whether you like it or not, your virtual meetings say a lot about your brand (and your people). Applied background effects, when done right, are an easy way to brand your company’s image. If you need help creating the perfect background for your company, let us know. We happen to know a few branding professionals.

Ben Lee is Principal and Co-Founder of Schifino Lee.

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