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Elevate your organization with socially responsible advertising.

spend more money
72 %
of Gen Z will spend more money on goods and services produced sustainably
Switch Brands
90 %
of millennials are willing to switch to brands associated with a cause
Explore a Company
89 %
of millennials explore a company’s ESG factors before making an investment

At Schifino Lee, we drive ESG efforts that make an impact.

For companies of all sizes and types, sustainability and ESG (environment, social, and governance) are no longer choices. They’re absolute business imperatives. A commitment to sustainability and ESG is not only beneficial to mitigation of risk, expansion of opportunities, and stakeholder engagement but is also sought out by consumers.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance are three key transformational challenges for marketing. The primary function of marketing was to develop the company’s brand and communications to drive growth, profits, and customer acquisition. While still important, these factors no longer dominate. Instead, your brand is still viewed as an ethical brand by your consumers because of ESG values.

To create the perfect language that genuinely communicates your efforts to the world, the team at Schifino Lee takes the time to understand your business, your customers, your competitors, and your narrative. Although it is difficult, you can rely on Schifino Lee to help your firm achieve meaningful outcomes that make an impact.

Redefining American Steel

Award-winning work for the Steel
Manufacturers Association (SMA)

SMA, the largest steel association in America, wanted the world to know that EAF steelmaking is significantly cleaner, greener and more sustainable than traditional steelmaking. Schifino Lee was enlisted to tell the untold story and benefits of EAF steel.

At the Heart of Sustainability

See our educational energy
campaign for Peoples Gas

Peoples Gas enlisted Schifino Lee to craft an overarching theme and compelling new energy educational campaign “At the Heart of Florida’s Energy” targeted to government leaders, businesses and residents of Florida to generate awareness for natural gas. Take a look and we think you’ll agree—doing good has never looked better.

Every company needs a good ESG story. Let us tell yours.

We generate real results. Outcomes that you see and feel. Noticeable shifts in your customers’ behaviors. A rise in your sales leads. Improved attitudes among your employees. And most importantly, higher numbers on your profitability sheets.
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