Interns Recap Their Fall at Schifino Lee

Each spring, summer and fall, our internship program gives aspiring marketing and communication professionals the opportunity to gain experience with the latest innovations and best practices we provide to clients. Likewise, it gives us at Schifino Lee an opportunity to learn from the next generation and stay on top of the latest innovations with the Gen Z crowd, from the newest fads on TikTok, to the most hip new series on Netflix, to the next breakout artists on iTunes. It’s innovation sharing that’s a win-win for interns and for us.

This fall, we continued our program with two marketing majors in their final year at the University of South Florida: Ashley Busby and Katrina Samsel. In this post, they reflect on their experiences in the questions and answers below. Give these a read to discover more about the spirit of innovation that guides our agency. And if you or someone you know would be interested in an internship with us, we invite you to apply on our Work With Us webpage under Internship Opportunities.

Why you like marketing and wanted to intern at an ad agency?
Ashley: The overlapping need for creativity and strategic thinking. I have always been a curious person that enjoys finding solutions to problems. Advertising requires a strategic mindset paired with a creative vision to bring that strategy to life. That process alone is challenging and fun!

Katrina: I like advertising because it’s interesting to see how different companies use various strategies to reach their audience. I like both the creative and the numbers side of it. The creative side because trends are ever-changing, and seeing the finished project is always rewarding. The numbers side  because it’s important to understand why you make certain advertising choices and the results of those decisions.

Most rewarding accomplishment in your internship this fall?
Katrina: Assisting with a photo shoot for client Alessi Foods. It was interesting to get a feel for the creative side of advertising and see how food products were photographed. Seeing how well these professional images turned out and all the work that went into the creative element of advertising was extremely rewarding.

Ashley: Assembling a presentation for a client wanting to change its brand name. This was a unique project that required creative and strategic thinking. I was responsible for researching various brand architectures and industry competitors, and organizing the presentation. I loved being able to see the brand strategy process in action from the initial brainstorming phase to the final client presentation.

Advice you would give other advertising majors beginning an internship?
Ashley: Be present, be willing to learn, and ask questions. Those who willingly take on projects and stay late will stand out. For some, an internship may just be another required course. Those, however, who take advantage of the opportunity to gain real-world experience from seasoned professionals won’t regret going the extra mile.

Katrina: Know what you want to get out of your internship. Make out a list of what you want to learn and set a plan to accomplish this within your time frame. And once the internship starts, don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s all about learning new marketing techniques and technologies, because marketing is constantly evolving.

Favorite part about working at Schifino Lee this fall?
Katrina: The people! Everyone was outgoing, welcoming and helpful. It’s an excellent team that works together to bring clients’ visions to life.

Ashley: The ever-changing day-to-day schedule. I loved not knowing what project I would be working until I walked into the office on Monday. I also thrived on the fast-paced energy and creative vision of the team. There was always something new to learn!

Favorite marketing trend that related to your work this fall?
Ashley: I have been loving Instagram Reels this year. They are great for communicating a message to an audience as well as engaging an audience. Brands like Sephora and Target are both great examples of companies adopting this trend into their mix.

Katrina: One trend I love now is TikTok. I find it fascinating how anyone has the ability to have a video go viral organically and reach a huge audience. I also like how there are constantly new trends to follow every week. I think it offers a great organic marketing opportunity that is rapidly growing.

If you or someone you know would be interested in an internship with us, we invite you to apply on our Work With Us page under Internship Opportunities.


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