Florida Veterans Support Line: Paying It Forward

Jennifer from Florida Veterans Support Line

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the need for our vets to have support after coming back from service has always been an important one. So, when we add the COVID-19 pandemic crisis on top of an existing struggle, being there for this community in need, we believe, is more important now than ever. 

For the sake of full transparency, this campaign has been in the works for months. The pandemic and following stay-athome orders actually put our launch on hold. However, after conversations with our client, we agreed that we need to bring this work to our community—and share it for the world to see. 

Florida Veterans Support Line Billboard

We are incredibly proud to announce the “Call Me” campaign for the Florida Veterans Support Line. Birthed from our close relationship with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, we’re honored to bring this message of connectivity and support to life.

Not many Americans are aware of this serious, pre-existing struggle, but the reality is that the COVID-19 crisis can potentially make these matters worse. That’s why it’s even more important to be there for our vets and connect them with a community of support through the Crisis Center. 


Please visit myflvet.com to learn more about this incredible initiative. And, if you know anyone in need of these services, please be sure to share this information. Local, trained veterans will answer the phones and guide callers through their moment of need. 

Call. Talk to someone who’s been there. 

Dial 844-MyFLVet for help. 

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