Fresh Talent for the Fall

Schifino Lee is proud to announce that we have brought on two interns for our creative department, Allison Schneider and Jason Howard.

Allison is a budding art director from the University of South Florida with a high drive for producing great work. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising she landed her first intern gig with one of our clients, Guardian Lion Wireless, which is where we discovered her.

Originally from Dunedin, Fl. Allison grew up creative, constantly performing at dance recitals, painting random objects and designing jewelry. “I get my creativity from my parents. They are ‘artsy’.”

A fellow student from USF, who won an Addy for her work, created Allison’s favorite advertisement. “This ad was amazing. It showed a lottery ticket being folded into all the different things you could do with the prize money. It was so simple.”

The ad could not be reached for comment.

Jason, our copywriting intern, hails from Saint Leo University. Having obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Jason brings with him the knowledge of the art of selling anything to anyone.

Originally, Jason is from Webster, Fl. and moved to Tampa shortly after completing college. Having grown up in small town America, then moving to the big city, we feel that he can bring to us an array of perspectives and experiences our clients will enjoy.

“Even though it wasn’t my major, I took every writing course my school had to offer. I love it,” Jason said. He has always enjoyed writing, and even has completed a “yet to be published” novel.

The novel, as well, could not be reached for comment.

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