Freshmen, start your craniums

Fresh faces at SLEE

A group of freshmen from the University of South Florida visited SLEE last Friday to see what working in advertising is all about. These students are already considering careers in advertising/ marketing, and we proved to them they’re making the right choice.

The students observed the action in the creative, media and account service departments from a safe distance. Then they learned about the different agency disciplines from expert practitioners: Nordin (media), Nic (interactive), Jeff (whatever suits do), Eric (copy) and Kyle from our partner Bayview Public Relations. Ben and Paola got up-close and personal to give them the big picture of life on the cutting edge of branding.

The future “Mad Men” wanted to know what they should do during their college years to prepare for the marketing life. In addition to perfecting their communication and team skills, we encouraged them to take courses that have nothing to do with marketing. “Success in marketing comes from having great ideas,” newly minted ACD Eric told them. “The more you know, the more places you have to go in your mind for those ideas. Broad experience in school and life will give you a big advantage over the competition.”

Schifino Lee

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