If you’re not part of the solution…

The business jargon bandwagon that everyone is riding nowadays is called, “Solutions Provider.” Why merely sell a thing or service, when one can provide a solution?

The strategy of solutions provided has a sturdy psychological basis. There’s a gap in your life or business, some gaping hole caused by a deep riddle or gnawing necessity. If only you could solve it, life would be complete. Hence the Solution Provider, your dedicated partner, friend and enabler. In addition to the “if only” card, the Solution Provider also plays the self esteem card. They provide a unique solution customized to your needs because each of us is a precious snowflake.

Schifino Lee, as a Commercial Identity Solutions Provider, stands ready to assist any business upgrade to the rarified aura of Solutions Provider. Here are some examples:

Egress Solutions Provider: Doorman

Tonsorial Grooming Solutions Provider: Barber

Nutrient Disc Deployment Solutions: Pizza Delivery

Flora Uniformity Solutions Providers: Lawn Crew

Glass Transparency Solutions Provider: Window Washer

Female Self Esteem Improvement Provider: Cosmetic Surgeon

Temporary Child Care Solutions Provider: Baby Sitter

Text to Action Translation Provider: Actor

Satisfaction Obstruction Solutions Provider: Customer Service Rep

Animal Cardio Health Provider: Dogwalker

Transaction Consummation Solutions Provider: Cashier

Domestic Sanitation & Appearance Enhancement Provider: House Cleaner

Spousal Atonement Solutions Provider (entry level): Florist

Spousal Atonement Solutions Provider (mid level): Maitre d’

Spousal Atonement Solutions Provider (advanced): Jeweler

Solutions Solutions Provider: Math Tutor

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