Instagram or Vine: What’s the Right Choice?

Almost immediately following Instagram’s announcement that it added video recording capabilities to its already popular app, the debate over Instagram vs. Vine started heating up. But as we listen to the arguments over which platform we should embrace and choose to evangelize to our clients, I have to ask the question, why can’t both win? After all, how many other social platforms have been declared dead when something new is offered only to continue finding success in spite of what the “experts” said?

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have all at one point played each side of this victor becomes victim scenario, and now Vine joins the list. But each time we come to learn that each of these tools speaks to a specific audience that identifies and fills a need within a vast and very diverse space. We tend to think in absolutes, where there always has to be a single great option. The fact is that people are not absolute. They don’t come from one mold and no one thinks, acts or makes decisions the same way. Instead, the challenge needs to turn to finding the best way to use each tool to create engagement within each of these audiences. Just as developing content for Facebook and Twitter is very different, I believe we’re going to find the same to be true with Instagram and Vine. There may be some overlap, but I think there are huge advantages to be found within both channels, and I for one am very excited to see how these endeavors unfold. This doesn’t have to become the Pepsi vs. Coke, Chevy vs. Ford, Mac vs. PC, cat vs. dog debates of the past. The brands that embrace the people that truly love both will be the winners.

Schifino Lee

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