“Little Free Library” Discovered on Schifino Lee’s Adopted Mile

As part of the Schifino Lee adopted mile of Bayshore Boulevard, we discovered a “Little Free Library” located between S. Dakota Ave and S. Oregon Ave. The library is the size of a bird house and is part of a lending program with the notion of “take a book, return a book”. Anyone may stop by the library and take a book — as long as one is left in its place. This initiative began in Wisconsin in 2009 and has since grown throughout the country; the mission of these libraries is to promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.

Each library is unique but they all share a common theme of exchanging books and bringing people together. These libraries help build a sense of community by sharing creativity, wisdom, and a little part of ourselves with our neighbors, strengthening the community and spreading knowledge through the exchange of books.

Any books may be left in the library, from your favorite Fodor’s travel guide, to your favorite childhood storybook, to even your old chemistry textbook. If it’s a book, you can leave it.  

There is something so special about getting lost in a book, you can immerse yourself in whichever world you so choose and be whoever you want to be. Celebrate summer and let yourself enjoy a good book, and if a book has changed your life, what is better than sharing that with others? That is what the little free library allows you to do.

Schifino Lee is excited to be a part of this community building program.

Schifino Lee

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