Marketing is not rocket science. It’s nanotechnology!

plasma-thermSchifino Lee team members prepare for another day in the highly scientific, technologically advanced world of advertising and branding. Here we don our clean suits before entering our deep thoughts think tank. Not one particle of dirt or dust or mental schmutz is allowed to penetrate our intellectually pure mind space to ensure that your brand strategy and marketing messages are uncontaminated by clichés or mediocrity.

Actually, this is the team assigned to our newest client Plasma-Therm visiting their St. Petersburg, Florida, facility on April 22. Plasma-Therm makes the machines that make micro chips and nanodevices. Their technology is what makes it possible for smart phones to run all those apps and for Wii controllers to know if you’re rolling a strike or a gutter ball. Schifino Lee will be preparing an advertising campaign aimed at the semiconductor trade.

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