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Today, the concept of media planning has transformed. The goal is to intersect with people’s lives, not to interrupt them. Brands need to form relationships with customers that are emotional, not transactional. That is why the term “media planning” is waning and being replaced by deeper terms such as “media strategy” or “integrated communications planning.”

Moreover, a changed competitive landscape means that media strategy is just as important for small businesses as it is for large companies. The good news is that new media channels make reaching customers at multiple touch points accessible for all companies, small and large.

Nordin Benhalima, Media Director, leads the Integrated Communications Planning team at Schifino Lee. Through strategic insight and customer-centric plans, Nordin has directed multi-million dollar campaigns throughout the country and helped make Integrated Communications Planning an integral part of Schifino Lee’s experienced and passionate process to grow client’s business.

Under his media direction, Nordin has helped WellCare Health Plans grow into a multi-billion dollar company serving over 2 million Medicaid & Medicare members in 13 states.

In addition, Nordin has directed awareness, search engine marketing and lead generation campaigns for clients such as Gerdau, AACSB, Catalina Marketing, Jaguar of Tampa and Lifestyle Family Fitness.

Is your business growing with today’s changed media landscape? Contact Nordin today and learn how it can.

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