On the other hand, everyone now has a gym membership

Naked Office, on UK cable channel Virgin1, is not a behind-the-scenes look at a certain popular comedy series. It’s a reality show about… you’ve no doubt figured it out.

Each week a disfunctional small business in Great Britain is visited by “Leading behaviour change specialist and leadership guru Seven Suphi.” She analyzes their problems and has the staff work through them on a very casual friday. (Come to think of it, it is a behind-the-scenes look). Ms. Suphi explains her method thus, “participating in The Naked Office social experiment will hopefully help employees with their confidence, trust and authenticity.”

Here’s a synopsis from one of Seven’s exposees that puts the graphic in graphic artists as she buffs the morale at a design firm. (That’s 4 puns in 1 sentence. My work here is done).

Tune in next week when Seven works her magic on a wedding planning business where its easy to see who the best man is.

Schifino Lee

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