Quaker Oats prepares Larry for bikini season

When a long-established brand like Quaker Oats decides to refresh their logo the advertising world pays attentions. Schifino Lee wanted to know the details behind the new Larry and the new look, so we investigated.

The makeover was moderate but very effective to convey the message Quaker Oats is selling its consumers, “energy and healthy choices.” Larry is still sporting his classic Quaker hat but has lost his double chin. “We took about five pounds off him,” said Michael Connors, Vice President of Design at Hornall Anderson. The overall makeover included a hair cut, a pricey facelift, and a trip to the gym. Connors and his team shortened Larry’s hair to keep him looking thin. They also removed the double chin and brought in the sides of his face to introduce a more youthful slimmer look. And the final touches included broadening Larry’s shoulders to finalize his healthy energetic appearance.

Overall, Larry is looking pretty good. Time and tweets will tell how effective Larry’s new look will work for Quaker Oats and PepsiCo Inc.

Schifino Lee

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