ROI of Social Media – Can you Measure It?

This has been a very hot topic with the ever increasing interested in Social Media for businesses.

Social Media is an opportunity to get on someone’s radar and let that person know you’re cool, smart, funny, interesting and valuable to have around. Continuously providing valuable content keeps people coming back, increases trust in your brand and attracts visitors to your website. Once people get to know you better, they may even tell their friends about you!

That’s the value of social media – the potential to create a new relationship where there wasn’t one before. And then the ability to repeat that process over and over.

Coming up with the dollars and cents of your campaign is virtually impossible to nail down because there is guesswork involved. But, you can look at your analytics to see the number of referrers on your site that came from Twitter or Facebook or the amount of coupons given away in a Facebook offer. You can also look at trends. For instance, did your website experience a spike in traffic soon after you posted on Facebook?

Like any other marketing tool, social media requires strategy, planning, content development and continuous monitoring. If you’re thinking about launching a social media presence then it is imperative you get educated on the various tools and methods that are available or hire a professional to help you handle it.

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