Schifino Lee develops new name and brand identity for Mental Health Care, Inc.

When Schifino Lee gets involved, big things happen. For example, Mental Health Care, Inc. (MHC) recently partnered with Schifino Lee to undergo a name change. With our naming recommendation, MHC joined with three other accredited behavioral health, drug and alcohol centers creating the largest mental health care merger in Florida. Schifino Lee’s naming and branding for MHC resonated with the other companies as a positive reflection on the future of the industry. In October the companies will merge as “Gracepoint.”

The name Gracepoint gracefully reflects the ideals of healthy living, and eliminates the negative connotations about mental health care. These centers are more than mental health care centers, and Gracepoint is more than a name. It is a place for wellness, and it’s the answer for many people who want to achieve their best lives.

One out of four people suffer from a mental illness, and 2 out of 3 of those diagnosed are not getting treatment. Florida has closed 36 psychiatric hospitals within the past 20 years, so these centers step in and replenish the services needed by so many people. This merger will allow Gracepoint to help 30,000 adults and 14,000 children each year. They will offer more specialized treatments with 38 psychiatrists working out of 69 locations with 87 treatment programs. Gracepoint’s CEO Joe Rutherford, has announced that his goal for the merger will allow them to make sure every patient in the region has access to the appropriate specialist.

Schifino Lee

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