Schifino Lee Develops Successful Event With Real Results

In a period of only two weeks Schifino Lee developed a successful event for an investors presentation by ActivoFirst, a Texas-based Wholesale Savings Association whose mission is to acquire distressed assets from the FDIC and troubled banking institutions.

Schifino Lee’s event preparation included creating customized invitations, utilizing database information, handling all RSVPs, producing the PowerPoint presentation, creating an interactive website, obtaining publicity in several Business Journals and planning event logistics such as valet parking and catering.

On Thursday, April 29, Schifino Lee will co-host the event with ActivoFirst’s Anthony Everett.  To learn more about ActivoFirst and the event, please visit; and read the recently-published news article from Tampa Bay Business Journal: “ActivoFirst Savings Association to snap up low performing debt.”

Schifino Lee

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