Schifino Lee elevates Sterling Research Group as an innovative creator of insights

Sterling Research Group is one of the industry’s leading full-service market research companies. Sterling’s passion, innovation and customization helps their clients create the most satisfied customers possible.

Schifino Lee was engaged to position Sterling as an innovator of insights for developing a universe of more satisfied customers.

The brand promise Schifino Lee developed for Sterling, “Pursuing Insight. Perfecting Experience”, emphasizes their promise to provide actionable insights unique to each client, so the solutions provided are authentic competitive advantages.

To support the new brand strategy, Schifino Lee created a new logo, tagline, website and electronic brochures that highlight Sterling’s commitment to renewing and revolutionizing client-customer relationships through leading-edge research technology.

Sterling Research Group is crazy passionate about pursuing the insights that can help clients transform customer experiences. If they’re not crazy passionate, their customers won’t be either.

Schifino Lee

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