Schifino Lee Hires First International Employee

Zoe Hagley

Schifino Lee is excited and proud to welcome our first international employee: Zoë Hagley. Zoë is working as the Media and Communications Coordinator based on the island of Grenada. She is charged with the responsibility of implementing advertising, public relations and social media campaigns through various marketing channels for our clients in Grenada. “I’ve worked on the client side for quite some time, so I’m very excited (and intrigued) to finally be on the agency side of the advertising process. I’ve already learned so much and I’m sure this is just the beginning,” said Zoë.

Working abroad for Schifino Lee has been a bit of an adjustment for Zoë. “Sometimes it’s a challenge to merge the American and Grenadian cultures, but we make it work. Grenadians are very laid back. On the other hand, the American culture is very fast paced. So far I’m enjoying working remotely – I get to be on my beautiful island while working for an amazing company in another country,” she said.

Over the past two years, Zoë gained invaluable experience across various aspects of media and public relations. Following a brief stint as a journalist with Grenada’s largest media house, she built a prosperous career managing all internal and external communications for LIME Grenada – a major telecommunications company on the island.

Apart from her passion for Media and Communications, Zoë has an unwavering love for the performing arts and as an actress has performed for several theatre productions in Jamaica, Grenada and Toronto. She also loves to scuba dive and recently received her PADI certification. She advised, “If you think the Caribbean is beautiful on land, you should definitely see it underwater!”


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