Schifino Lee is right-brain ready with two new hires


We just added two fierce female creatives to our team. This pair could run laps around any other gang in the game- literally. Not only are they creative aces, able to solve problems with a pinch of copy and a dash of design, they’re also pros at brightening up the office with their positive attitudes and witty banter.

Katelyn Sykes, Copywriter Check her out on Linkedin
Katelyn is avid. At almost everything. She’s a runner, a seamstress, a mouseketeer, an avocado farmer, a coffee chugger, a double-triple college majorer, and a nerf-gun enthusiast. But above all else, she loves writing, which was one of her many majors at USF. It’s also why she interned at PUSH in Orlando and Schifino Lee before we offered her a full-time gig. Now she hones her style every day and delivers for clients like Alessi, The Tampa Museum of Art, and Ameriflight. She’s who every writer wishes they could be, if they wanted to run 13 miles every day while reciting unrequited puns from Star Wars.

Delaney Parsons, Production Artist Check her out on Linkedin
We have a feeling Delaney might be a spy for the illuminati, because when it comes to print production she truly is the all-seeing eye. Not one nitty-gritty detail escapes her notice. She’s a pro at helping us go from concept to flawless execution on every project. Delaney graduated from the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. She then put those skills to work as a Junior Art Director at Dunn&Co., working on clients such as Tijuana Flats, Baxter Healthcare, and United Way, before joining our team. Her attention to detail extends beyond our four agency walls to everything from fashion and makeup, to fitness and form-perfect pushups. Don’t let her fool you though, we’ve seen her sneak a doughnut (or two) in the office.

When they’re not busy being creative craftsmen, these two are always up for good conversation, so feel free to stop by and say hello.

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