Schifino Lee Keeps Tampa Bay Beautiful

You might’ve noticed that a new sign has gone up on Bayshore just before the Bank of Tampa, near the Schifino Lee office. The sign is a reminder to our agency and Bayshore drivers to keep our watershed litter free. As part of the “Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful” program, we have adopted 1 mile of Bayshore Boulevard and pledged to keep it clean. From West Bay Street to South Dakota Avenue, we are responsible for picking up debris and trash from the roadside, Bayshore’s sidewalk, and the grassy area between to keep one of Tampa’s most beautiful areas pristine.

“Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful” strives to provide environmental education and volunteer opportunities to the citizens of Tampa Bay. The program creates environmental awareness, encourages and develops environmental responsibility and stewardship throughout the community, provides community service opportunities, and empowers individuals, corporations, and groups to take a proactive approach to environmental concerns.

Schifino Lee completed three clean-ups in 2014 and is excited to continue service in 2015. Last April, our friends at Westshore Pizza even joined us in the clean-up. Getting outside to give back to the community and spend some time in the sunshine is one of our favorite breaks from the everyday routine at the office.

We are so proud of the work we do at the agency, both in the office and out in the community. Schifino Lee looks forward to many more years of service in our beautiful Tampa Bay!


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