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QR codes are the new secret weapon for reaching cream-of-the-crop demographics. That square matrixy looking thing you see on ads and posters and shop windows is a QR code. QR stands for quick response. You point your smart phone at it and get connected to info on the web. Way cool. When I first started seeing these—and Microsoft’s colored triangle version— I felt like I was missing out so I had to upgrade to a smart phone (Android platform HTC Evo).

To view QR codes you need a code reader app. There are several of them, all free, for all the platforms. The app opens the phone’s camera, focuses and captures the matrix. It reads the URL embedded in the code and opens it in the browser.

We’re using them at Slee. We made a series of posters for AT&T with codes that lead to exclusive content. We’ll do the same with materials for ICAM. And we’re even putting them on our own collateral and ads to connect prospects to our fabulous new website.

Less than half of mobile users have smart phones, so a huge part of population can’t read QR codes, but they are still worth pursuing. They let you connect directly to professionals, decision makers, high wage earners, youth and early adapters—the customers who launch new brands.

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