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The right map can put you on the road to success.

The elusive path to sustainable brand success starts with a clearly mapped out holistic plan that takes into account every touchpoint, from brand identity to integrated campaigns to social media and PR. Companies can’t just wing it or blindly throw money at the problem like in the past.

As a full-service agency, Schifino Lee knows how to put every tool in the marketing arsenal to work helping your brand connect with today’s digitally-savvy consumers and business customers.


Before you can develop brilliant advertising executions that drive customer engagement and boost sales, you need a powerful brand strategy. It’s the framework for everything we do.

Culled from extensive data and research, surveys of the competitive landscape and key insights on the target audience, a smart strategy helps us establish your KPIs, then plot out the customer journey and unique brand positioning that will ultimately deliver results that achieve your marketing objectives

The first step?
A marketing audit we call a BrandScan. It’s a complimentary, no obligation analysis of your current branding

Branding + Advertising

The single most valuable asset any company has is its brand. With so much product parity out there, it’s a company’s brand that helps it truly stand out in the marketplace.

And at the heart of any truly innovative brand is creativity. For over 25 years, Schifino Lee has excelled at unearthing the core essence of companies and carefully distilling that into memorable, distinctive logos, corporate visual identities, and messaging that connects with audiences.

We’re equally adept at advertising that brand to every conceivable business or consumer segment. Whereas the vast majority of advertising is forgettable, our goal is advertising that grabs attention and turns passive consumers into raving brand advocates.

Brand Storytelling Schifino Lee Tampa Florida

Brand Story-Building

The stark reality of the digital age is that it’s not enough for marketers to be mere storytellers anymore.

Your brand’s story is now a living entity that has to perpetually evolve and grow in response to customer input, social media commentary, cultural influences, and data learnings.

Brand story-building requires an omni-channel, integrated approach. One that starts with a strategically-sound big idea as the foundation.

Then technology, analytics, and media opportunities are applied to bring it to life like never before—across all kinds of social, mobile, digital, traditional, and experiential channels.

Advertising Agency with Global Reach Schifino Lee Tampa Florida

Websites & Digital

A smartly designed, well-written, well-organized website that’s mobile-responsive and search engine optimized is essential for business today.

It can’t be allowed to wither over time. It must be well-maintained and shown the love it deserves.

Our digital natives excel at creating web experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and very effective at converting visitors into leads. Our team is equally skilled at digital marketing campaigns that reach customers where they spend most of their time: online.

Schifino Lee provides design, content creation, and development for mobile-responsive websites, email marketing, digital ad banners, mobile apps, mobile advertising, voice search, and more.

Strong Social Marketing Team Schifino Lee Tampa Florida

Social Content Creation

To stay relevant today, brands (whether consumer or B2B) must engage in a conversation with their customers via social media. Done correctly, it becomes a powerful two-way communication that leverages your brand’s unique voice to foster incredible brand loyalty.

To effectively build a strong social presence in the constantly evolving world of social media, you need an experienced partner. Utilizing everything from social listening tools to detailed analytics on ad performance, Schifino Lee’s social team can implement a custom strategy for your brand.

Digital Marketing Schifino Lee Tampa Florida

Media Planning + Buying

With more media options than ever, and a media landscape that’s constantly changing, marketers need strategic partners who can implement a holistic media mix for fully integrated campaigns. One built on creative solutions blended with the science of analytics.

You need a media team that can engage your audience with the right message, in the right context, at the right time—that ultimately delivers the right results. Utilizing proper testing, optimization, and in-depth reporting, we ensure every advertising dollar generates the desired impact for each client. But that’s just the tip of the media iceberg.

Video Content Creation

The way we consume content has changed dramatically. More than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day and video now accounts for one-third of all online activity. Brands that properly utilize video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers.

Whether you’re talking digital pre-roll videos, video content for social media, long-format website videos, or traditional TV commercials, Schifino Lee can help your brand harness the full power of video. We start with a strategically-grounded idea and then blow it out in flawless execution—from script to storyboard to video shoot to post-production.

Public Relations

One of the strongest tools in a brand’s communications mix, public relations—when done right—is a thing of beauty. It’s a highly cost-efficient way to spread your brand story in an authentic way.

Our PR specialists combine a natural nose for news with exceptional storytelling to pitch brand stories that drive awareness, improve public perceptions, and generate the kind of buzz our clients value. Our team also relies on highly targeted media lists and carefully cultivated media relationships to secure the best possible placement—whether online, in print or across multiple other mediums.

Get started with our free BrandScan.

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